Cerebral Pop Review: Costume Quest

Alex Cronk-Young writes: Double Fine is widely heralded as delivering some of the most charming and witty games ever released, and is generally regarded amongst many game enthusiasts as one of the best publishers around. Still, after some mixed reviews of Brutal Legend -- their last game -- some may have been wary of Costume Quest. I'll just start off by saying, while I do have some gripes of the game, it easily charms it's way out of them.

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ShadowPraxis2815d ago

Wish I had the available points to pick this up. The demo had issues, but it was still cute.

Bboy_Izilla2815d ago

There are parts of this game that would have my little sister giggle with glee. Then there were parts that were just flat out boring as hell. Still not entirely sure who this game is aimed at.