Microsoft Had to Cap Kinect Pre-Orders Because Demand Was Too Great

The hype for Kinect is nigh palpable. Every TV channel and other form of media is flooded with it this week, and Microsoft couldn't be happier. The company just raised its sales forecast from 3 million units to 5 million, but is this realistic? And what about the Wii, whose momentum has slowed considerably? Will Nintendo be hurt by Kinect? IndustryGamers chatted with M2 Research senior analyst Billy Pidgeon to get his take on the holiday and beyond.

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donniebaseball2818d ago

Man this thing is getting so much hype. It's almost more hype than the Wii got itself.

CathyLorrain2817d ago ShowReplies(9)
Imperator2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

The capped pre-orders to lessen supply and increase demand.

Basically, they're trying to build hype around this false low supplies. Once the launch is over, I'm sure Retailers will have more than enough Kinects gathering dust.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Oh is that why...I see. well someone should let people know that wal-mart, best buy, and Amazon don't have that problem. in fact they're over stocked and looking to get rid of their supply.

The level of bullshit from these sites is just pathetic. lol

Christopher2817d ago

They're purposefully overstocked on the more expensive 360 + Kinect bundles. This is to drive new console sales and to tempt existing console owners to upgrade while getting their Kinect.

The Kinect sensor standalone item is what is limited in stock across the board.

Microsoft is going to have great sales of the Kinect product this Holiday season, but they're still not going to make a profit due to their initial $500m marketing plan as well as the already substantial cost of marketing and developing Kinect prior to the Holiday season.

EvilBlackCat2817d ago

oohh yes yes yes is false and the demand is a false...

just like PS3 demands and low supplies... remember?


Jaces2817d ago

We'll let the numbers talk at the end of the month, they'll show us just how much in demand Kinect really was that they had to cap the preorders.

lol, this is really pathetic. If they were in such high demand then why didn't they sell out at the Times Square midnight launch? Curious....

macezhno2817d ago

because they gave a shit load away.

to reviews to oprah to beta people to a person every 15mins from burger king

hell if you post enough about the kinect you get one free

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HolyOrangeCows2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Microsoft didn't even sell out Kinetic at its own launch event. They only sold around 2/3 of what they had in stock.

Demand obviously isn't where they want their stockholders to believe it is.

feelintheflow2817d ago

if you didn't have a pre-order you were s.o.l. I wonder how it sold overall.

stuntman3692817d ago

i work at elec. at wal-mart and we sold one all of today and we got about forty in.

Omega42817d ago

They raise a good point, people are buying Kinect like crazy now, just imagine if MS cuts the price next year.

George Sears2817d ago

Since they have had such an incredibly costly ad campaign I doubt they will reduce the price for quite some time. Not to mention that the materialistic whores that need stuff day one need to pay for R&D.

donniebaseball2817d ago

Yeah I think MS will cut the price next year.

The real killer2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Please, get real man!!!

What people you talking about? little kids who wants Kinect from dad or mom just like my little girl?

And i just said to her.........NO!!!! No Kinect becouse i have the Move and Wii, her 360 is sold becouse she ask me to do and i'm not gonna buy a whole new system.

Becouse i won't let my little dauchter fooled by Microsoft for fake trailers.

Bigpappy2817d ago

It will be more fun for your daughter than the Wii or the Move. This is no fanboy talk. I asked the kids and I watch them pay. they go crazy with screaming and giggling, but there is no way to stop that when they are enjoying themselves. I dear say it is the best reaction to a toy I can remember giving them. And whats move, I am enjoying it just as much.

Boody-Bandit2817d ago

Correct me if I am wrong but I thought you posted before that you don't own Move.

I'm sure your kids are enjoying it. That is Kinects target audience for the most part.

alphakennybody2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

lol! pr bs, demand had to be limited because they couldn't ship too many for it is too expensive. It didn't even sell out at its flashy launch.

Lekumkee2817d ago

Trust me, anyone who wants to buy Kinect now... DON'T!! Wait a week and check craigslist, I guarantee you there will be a huge dump of Kinect in about one week from today, just you wait...

avengers19782817d ago

There are already 7000 on ebay.
They have them at the meijers buy my house, That was at about 5 o'clock( NW ohio)

gigaware2817d ago

LOL I was just at gamestop and a huge line of people were trying to buy Kinect and they only had enough for the pre-orders. I was getting tons of praise after I told them Fred Myers has 30 of them.

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