The Case for Treyarch: Why Black Ops Could Put It In The Spotlight

BP writes: "One of the most interesting developer stories to watch over the last several years has been the rivalry between Infinity Ward and Treyarch. Whereas the former has consistently shattered critical and sales records with each of its successive games, the latter has been Activision’s mandated “off-year” developer for the Call of Duty franchise"

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GamingForever2725d ago

I can't wait for the game.. it should be in the spotlight!

CombineElite2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Treyarch is at the point of sink or swim. We all know they are making Black Ops and if it sucks well then that's not good for them but if it's good then let's throw a party and crank out Black Ops 2.

Infinity Ward is still cashing checks from Modern Warfare 2 so I don't really think they care until Black Ops hit's the shelves and N4G has a comparison article (Black Ops vs. MW2 who wins?) running every 5 minutes.

mau642725d ago

Medal of Honor will be no more once this game comes out.

SKGamer2725d ago

I'm still kind of sad about that one... as excited as I am for the new CoD, I really wanted to get a new multiplayer experience from a different dev that was the same or higher quality level.

Also, I wish someone besides Activision were making the top multiplayer shooter these days. It kind of pains me to put $80 in Bobby Kotick's pocket.

I like EA better, so maybe I'll give Bad Company 2:Vietnam a try once the CoD rush is over.

smashly2725d ago

I'd say if sales would ever slow down then they would change it up, but they probably are thinking "don't fix what isn't broken."

also Activision has their balls in a vice grip.

A Cupcake for Gabe2725d ago

I loath Activision and only ask that horrible things happen to Kotick. But I must admit that Black Ops looks to be the best shooter this year, and maybe a better COD than 2 & 4 combined. The trailer really shows that it is taking a cinematic appraoch 10x what MW2. I personally do not need a FPS where you move from point A to B and thats it. I love the cinematic set pieces that make the pacing fun. MW2 had good pacing but it was a little too short and you only got to do each kind of set once. BO looks to have a great story, and each level appears to have large setpeices within each level. The free running, the oil tanker, the freefall, the rainbow six glass entryways, the game looks good.

am I a sucker? has treyarch gotten it right for the first time in a while?

Shackdaddy8362725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Hopefully the next MoH will be better.They just needed to set their foundation first.

Plus, EA even said even though MoH was a success with sales, it did fall short in the presentation department and that they would try better next time. I'm willing to give hem another shot since MoH has always been my main fps game from childhood.

Ive always wanted MoH to come out on top. Ever since they became the underdog.

I will buy this CoD because it looks fun, but Im hoping EA will be able to pull out a quality game in two years.

Unfortunately, if the next MoH comes out in two years, it will be up against Treyarch again. So that will be a tough competition. They should probably develop it for three years instead.

brandynevils2725d ago

Very interesting article. Game is looking really good.

SKGamer2725d ago

It better be! Yeah this looks like the year that Treyarch finally meets the expectations.

I actually pre-ordered a Treyarch game O_o

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