Call of Duty FPS confirmed for late 2011

Activision executives confirm new first-person installment in series will arrive in latter half of next year; no word on developer.

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Nitrowolf22789d ago

Didn't see that coming -_-

You can expect a new Cod game every November of every year

Beahmscream2789d ago

No doubt. I hate Activi$ion :(

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I won't be buying. I'll have KZ3, BFBC3, Resistance 3, Crysis 2 to keep me more than satisfied/occupied. This will probably be my last COD game for a very long time...unless of course the gameplay is exceptional.

pimpmaster2789d ago

the bigger question is whos developing this one now that IW is half dead. its gonna be some no name developer coming out with a shitty cod game

gcolley2789d ago

@Longrod_Von_Hugendon... BF3

badz1492788d ago

"Didn't see that coming -_-" - like really? you can't be serious! Kotick has 2 or 3 dev teams working on CoD and it's already planned for release every frickin year! I'm surprised that this is even news!

Red_Orange_Juice2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

pretty soon, we'll get CoD game every 6 months.
I'll rent it for SP, some co-op fun, I'll be over it in a week.

Aggesan2788d ago

You sir, MUST learn to see obvious sarcasm when it's right in front of you. Didn't you even see the obvious smiley Nitrowolf2 made?

badz1492788d ago

that's not a smile, all I can see is sad face!

Nitrowolf22788d ago

this is a sad face :(
this is a happy face :)
These are boobs (.)(.)
This -_-, this could mean many things but obviously here its sarcasm

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tinybigman2789d ago

just wow. i am so glad im done with this series.

SixZeroFour2788d ago

funny thing is, for the past month now ive been asking my friends in a somewhat serious manner, if they were gunna buy teh new cod game next year, even tho black ops hasnt come out yet

-Alpha2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I'm buying Black Ops because it looks great and I'll buy the next COD if it looks as great too.

Milked? No more than the constantly great scoring sports game. Does it influence my purchase? At the very least I'll buy it used.

If I like it, if it looks great, and if it is fun, I'll buy it. People always swear off COD but it's hard for some to not get excited when you are a fan of the gameplay

Hellsvacancy2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Mr "im not ever negative about anythin" your nothin but an N4G arse kisser

Activision can kiss my arse and so can every-1-else, u must b an idiot if u buy a COD game every year (same as the sports games) there always re-skins of the game b4 it

Whats pissed me off more is sites like IGN seem 2 think every COD game is sum how very different from the game b4 it, i bet IGN will rathe Black Ops 9.3

-Alpha2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Oh, sorry, I didn't know that I can't buy games that I like.

Are you going to police me on what console I should own too? Maybe you should tell me what to buy at the grocery store?

I have a lot of fun with COD games, sorry to hear that you don't.

And like I said, if it's good enough, I will buy it. Why are you getting your panties in a bunch? COD haters are such elitists.

Esena2789d ago

I agree that Call of Duty releases every year are bad, but only if the content isn't much improved. From MW to WaW to MW2 the content didn't really surprise. But Black OPS is doing a lot. The new multiplayer modes are very interesting. They are adding new mechanics to the online play. I was totally skeptical at first, but I am highly impressed with the content.

To say Black Ops is a re-skin is just wrong. Besides the graphics, they are doing a whole lot of work to the game.

Like Alpha-Male said. If the next Call of Duty game is good, and they improve on content, I have no trouble buying it as well.

-Alpha2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Don't bother, he's shown that he's incapable of putting a good argument forward and would rather insult anyone with a different opinion.

Christopher2789d ago

I'll do what I always do and buy the game when it hits the $30-40 mark. I don't buy them for online, just single player.

Chnswdchldrn2789d ago


you give gamers a bad name

because, a rehashed game every year makes the game industry better by forcing developers to make their games different/unique from the previous title in the series

oh wait

-Alpha2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

A game does not have to push boundaries, do anything majorly new, or remake their formula in order to be a good game, nor does it have to "push the industry"

If you honestly just buy games that "push the industry" then you must not have many games. I don't remember anyone calling the last R&C a rehash, or criticizing the latest NHL game for not doing anything unique.

Split screen online MP, split-screen offline MP, bots MP with full leveling support, customizable private lobbies, a MP mode, split-screen Zombies, online zombies, a theater mode where u can upload to your computer and capture images, etc-- these are all great features.

Say what you want, but I haven't seen half of this in other shooters. I can openly criticize the lack of a major graphical update and the awful unbalancing of MW2. But COD gets way too much hate simply for its massive popularity/Activision

SixZeroFour2788d ago

but alpha, if they game doesnt do anything new compared to the previous iterations, then why bother getting it just because its new?

im not talking about black ops, i think from what ive read and heard, theyve been doing more to change from the cod formula than IW ever did, but if this next cod game is still more of the same, and not doing anything new just adding even more (unbalanced?) weapons or perks and upgrading teh graphics, i dont really think its worth teh buy

-Alpha2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

If you aren't talking about Black Ops, then why are you replying to me? Like I said, if it looks great, I'll get it. If not then I obviously wont. You buy games that you like, not the ones you think are "best" for the industry, do you? Who is REALLY the sheep?

Black Ops looks great, I will buy it. If the next COD game is going to be great too, then I'll buy it also. What's so hard to understand? We know nothing of the next game but people are already making judgments about it.

Just because you don't get satisfaction from playing doesn't mean I don't. I will spend my money whatever way makes me happy, I don't have to justify with people here. It's funny then that people call COD players sheep, yet act as if they know what is best for other gamers.

darren_poolies2788d ago

@ Hellsvacancy

Not to be picky but IGN can't score Black Ops a 9.3 because they have changed there rating system to a point 0.5 system. ;)

And Alpha-Male22 I completely agree, I love playing COD with my friends so it the next one looks good, why should I not buy it? Some people just hate for the sake of hating. Unless I can't afford it at the time or want to buy something else, I will buy every COD game if it looks good enough.

SixZeroFour2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

becuase im not talking about black ops, but COD as a franchise

think about it this way, if you like [game1] and considered it a great game, if they release [game1] again but changed its name to [game2], seeing as how you considered [game1] a great game, wouldnt you also consider [game2] to be a great game even if it is just a title change? and if then you consider [game2] to be a great game, wouldnt you purchase it knowing full well that you are rebuying the same game? there is no way you can consider [game2] to be any less of a game now if it is an exact duplicate of a previous game you liked even if it is just a title change

and this is just an example of why buying a game solely on whether it is a good game or not isnt always a good thing, and im not trying to say that the COD franchise is doing this, im just arguing the point of why you should be looking for game on more than just whether it looks good, it should also be adding new things to the mix or else your just buying the same game, and let them continue to take your money buy doing it over and over again

EDIT: had to change example from "COD" to "game" cause i didnt want to make it seem biased

-Alpha2788d ago

"think about it this way, if you like [game1] and considered it a great game, if they release [game1] again but changed its name to [game2]"

Stop right here. This is a mass over-simplification. In this same regard most sequels are new titles with the old game.

"here is no way you can consider [game2] to be any less of a game now if it is an exact duplicate"

But it's not an exact duplicate, you completely miss the point. The core formula stays the same because it's a sequel and the gameplay is something a vast majority enjoy. Why would you expect them to change that?

Your example is fully flawed and you try to oversimplify COD into being a reskin when it is not. Not as a whole franchise in the least bit. The only real COD I considered reskinned was WaW, but that still managed to have a good amount of features.

SixZeroFour2787d ago

with that example, i was talking about you thinking process into buying a game not about cod as teh franchise

you said if it looks great, ill buy it...well if you thought the previous game was great, then IF (not saying they are) they released the same game with a name change, your logic would make me assume you would buy it again, cause you thought it looked great (and you WOULD think it looked great, cause its a copy with a name change)

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CombineElite2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

That's very disappointing to me. As cookie cutter format as the Call of Duty series has become I would expect a new Call of Duty game every four months.
Just change a few textures, the story, make a new trailer and give it a flashy title.....rinse and repeat.

Although I'm looking forward to see what Treyarch can do with black Ops as they have something to prove.

avengers19782789d ago

No way. Really.... what a shock

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Cevapi882789d ago

should anyone be surprised by this...and its funny how the execs talk about the game as though they have never even played a game in the CoD series

"Next year's Call of Duty will be a first-person shooter." I could have have told them this, but yet im not making the millions these guys rake in every year

DlocDaBudSmoka2789d ago

all the 3rd person CODs. these ppl cant be this clueless. i mean for god's sake,COD is why they still those fancy hummers and all that other BS they have.

Shackdaddy8362789d ago

I think they said that cus there was speculation that it would be a mmo or rpg thats been rumored.

But still. Its just SO obvious. This isn't news.

CernaML2789d ago

Still waiting for Call of Duty Hero.

Hades13372789d ago

Clearly it's Modern Warfare 3. Even with all the staff departures, I doubt Activision is going to give that series up.

CobraKai2788d ago

I agree. They always interspersed different COD games since MW came out. Although, didn't they get rid of the CoD name for MW2?

Convas2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Modern Warfare 3 or something else. But whatever it is, NO one can say that there is any franchise more milked than Call of Duty.

-Alpha2789d ago

Guitar Hero is more milked than Call of Duty.

Lf_sIcKmAn2789d ago

Mario, Final Fantasy (specially 7 and its countless side stories), and sonic just to name a few... call of duty has NOTHING on the milking of those...

Still waiting on Mario Accounting :)

Ps.: I love Mario and the classic Sonic games... but DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!.

HornyHaggis2789d ago

Err, there's actually quite a few, what about all the sport franchise games ( eg. FIFA, WWE, Madden, NBA ) that are released every year and have been doing so since before Call of Duty even existed? Call of duty is just like those games, coming out every year with minimal changes yet the sheep still flock to buy them because of hype and unrealistic expectations, quite sad to be honest.