Which Game Will Lead In Holiday Sales? We've Got Odds!

any fans of games want theirs to sell the most this holiday season whether it's because they just have pride in what they like or because they want to see their game do well enough in hopes that it will get a sequel. Nobody wants their favorite games to go the way of Psychonauts and never be heard from again or end up like E.T. in a landfill somewhere. Well, Mickey Richardson and his team at have come up with the odds for which games will sell the most this holiday season.

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big_silky2728d ago

kinect/dance central and the wii super mario collection. i don't think any other systems have games this fall....

jeseth2727d ago

Call of Duty (whether we like it or not) has become the biggest franchise in gaming.

It will stomp everything in its path. Even a month after its release.

Unless GT5 comes out in early December.