Kinect back in and out of stock at

Kinect Sensor back in stock at! Check here for pricing and availability! This makes Amazon the best place to order Kinect! Wonder how long they will have stock!

It’s also in the number one spot: Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #1

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Omega42814d ago

And so it begins. MS will likely have no trouble reaching 5ml.

mark01922814d ago

They can re-invested any earned money back in hardcore gaming... and they can't do that with lost money. So it's better for everyone if they succeed.

There, you learned something.

StanLee2813d ago

Still cannot believe this shit! Love my XBox 360 but I can find no reason to buy Kinect right now. As of right now, it's a novelty, an expensive one at that.

mark01922814d ago

Unless they're out of stock of course :P

MRHARDON2813d ago

That was at New one place...

So now this is the internet, I bet Kinect will sell more then Move :D, when it does I will laugh and Sony fans will be pissed :D

Dark-Cloud2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

what's the use of sales ? .. there is alots of fools ( i mean fanboys ) who will buy kinect just because it's an exclusive , the only thing that matters are the games , i don't care about sales , i want good games , if it gets good games i'll admit that im wrong but i can't see any game that better then ps1 games ...

iknow im wrong :)

i have alots of memories in ps1 and ps2 so what's the diffrent ? ..
i mean , if u loved a game when u are a kid u'll love it now but when u see it normal what's the use ? .. wii have a good thing and that is all family play it but i don't see this in my house ..... maybe it's because of me but it's still doesn't have better games then the ps3 ...wii games like ps2 games but in diffrent way , but ps2 have better games ...

just conntinue reading :) ...
and do you know that ps3 came out in 2006 ?..
kinect came out this month and im comparing it to move and ps3 games ...

sorry , no bubbles :( ... new user :(. ..

n4gno2813d ago

Because you're dumb MRhardon, what the point to laugh when inferior product sells better ? (i'ts not already the case by the way)

Why this new add is accepted ? 500 millions marketing is not enough, desperated fanboyz have to help ms to sell the camera ?

poopface12813d ago



I hate all motion controls because they are for girls and children, but I dont cry like a bitch, like you, when people like something I dont.

Im sure you would be all over move sales if they didnt suck.

Looks like sony fanboies have no games to play, so they troll kinnect. Damn they are desperate. HAHAhA have fun with your wii-mote, I mean move.

paradigmfellow2813d ago

I work at a gamestop and I can tell you that we have crap ton of those in the back room.

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gigaware2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Microsoft will push 8 or 9 million 360's in the next 4 months.

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polow got sol2813d ago

Kinect on fire, good for MS

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Dark-Cloud2813d ago ShowReplies(2)
ReBurn2813d ago

Why is anything to do with stock levels or sales ranks newsworthy? Ever?

catguykyou2813d ago

Because Amazon is the only real sales report that are released now that the NPD isn't releasing its records publicly.

mark01922813d ago

And it's the biggest US online retailer ofcourse...

ReBurn2813d ago

But it isn't necessarily indicative of the overall market. Nor do we know from the data how much volume is moving. Which means that Amazon stock level and sales ranks aren't valid for anything, unless you want to know how things are selling at

catguykyou2810d ago

True but if you are interested in sales figures, you will probably find this the most helpful indication of how something is selling. It's not perfect but it's about the only thing available now.

Anon19742813d ago

Was it ever really sold out in the first place? There were plenty of articles screaming "Amazon sells out of Kinect!" but we really had no idea how much stock they had to start with, or what was behind their decision to stop pre-orders. Everyone seems to have plenty of stock. Frankly, I think all those "Kinect selling out" stories weren't based on anything but speculation.

gamingdroid2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Clearly "Kinect selling out" at, best buy and so on was NOT a speculation, because you couldn't order Kinect!

If you look on the chart for, it might not say what the numbers are, but it certainly give you a relative ranking.

Go ahead, look right now and at the time of this writing you will see that orders for Kinect standalone unit is in 3rd place right behind Black Ops for Xbox 360 and PS3!

It's already out of stock again, but yesterday it even beat Black Ops for PS3 and stayed in second place. That is some hefty sales for one SKU to beat one of the years largest game days before release!

Here, I will make it easy for you with a link:

Sparticus_12813d ago

I am so sick of hearing about kinect and black ops.....they spend more money on advertising this shit...starving people in america in a recession...and they have spent over 500 million alone on just advertisement for a sad world we live in. I pray to the gods that microsoft gets invaded by terrorists and everyone there is beheaded.

Armyntt2813d ago

Totally uncool and childish comment there buddy.

Sparticus_12813d ago

I really dont care what you have to say buddy

Blacktric2813d ago

It indeed is obvious that you really don't care about anyone but yourself buddy.

testerg352813d ago

So do you say the same thing about the Sony commercials?

I wonder who donates more to charity... I really don't know, but would be interesting to find out.

Solidus187-SCMilk2813d ago

if you don't like it dont read it or comment.

If anything of SONY actually sold on amazon, then this would be ok right?

Id be ok if they didnt show this stuff, but im not going to cry about it when they do. We know that it just bothers you because its microsoft tho, so you should probably not read it.

You "pray to god that terrorists invade microsoft." HAHAHAHHA sony fanboies have officially lost it, praying for terrorists to destroy microsoft so they don't have to be butthurt from reading pointless amazon kinect sales articles. LOL

Sparticus_12813d ago

dumbass did I say I had a ps3? nope...youre a moron for making an assumption...seems YOURE the one that is butthurt hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Solidus187-SCMilk2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

you are clearly butthurt about things which bring others joy.

Im not a kinnect or black ops fan, but man, to see the butthurt they caused you makes me like them a little bit.

Clearly, you have sand in your vagina. Use some of your tears to rinse it out why dont you.

edit- you created that account 4 days ago to troll M$ articles. LOL.

Ohh yeah, and be sure to log in with all your 1 bubble troll accounts to disagree with me.

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