Joystiq: Fighters Uncaged Unreview - It's Unbelievably Ungood

Joystiq is not giving it a score because scoring a game after a half hour sets a bad precedent, and they'd rather eat a rain-soaked box of poison buttholes than ever play Fighters Uncaged again.

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RBlaze2759d ago

...Your silence speaks louder than words ever could!!

I am so disappointed with this game. I thought the idea was good but it seems to be INSANELY poorly executed!

Why on earth they didn't just map the actions you make to the fighter I do not know!

The game clearly requires you to finish one move before the next can be started which is not how a human moves! In real life you throw one punch, then immediately begin preparing for your next move while your hand returns to your body... YOU DON'T JUST STAND THERE LIKE A LEMON WAITING!!

A game like this can't be pre-rendered... you can't try to simulate some move that the game remembers because that's not how fighting works! It really annoys me that they have tried to make it like that! I hope another dev tries with a fighting game, and attempts to map what the player is actually doing! That way, people can fight with their own style.. Not sit fighting some poxy idiot in an impossible manner!

Kain812759d ago

0/5 worst score i ever saw

Fishy Fingers2759d ago

"I'm not giving it a score"

He didnt give it 0/5 (although by the sound of it he probably would have) that is the person trying to submit the review here.

NovusTerminus2759d ago

Nice avatar!

... But yeah... OMG, I have only seen one game get this low of a score... And that was Vampire Rain... *shudders*

Godmars2902759d ago

I'm sure the fact that he refused to score it is going to leave it wide open to defensive comments.

im-12-years-old2759d ago

he accidentally the whole tv :(

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The story is too old to be commented.