Same Old Stuff: Top 5 Annoying Things in Fallout: New Vegas

Game Podunker DanCurtis writes, "Now this one has annoyed me ever since Oblivion came out. The engine that Fallout runs on simply isn't good enough anymore. The world and characters are two very separate entries, with the character(s) often looking as if they're in no way related to the floor or any of the many rocks that litter the landscape..."

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RedSoakedSponge2669d ago

the last "annoying thing" he mentions is a stupid one. when you level up, the game waits until u are not close by to any enemies. if u are close to an enemy (aka red line on compass) it will not level up until the threat is killed or u are out of range.

None of these issues he has mentioned has taken away from the experience i have been having. Sure they are there, but not half as "annoying" as he has made out.

NeoMagus2668d ago

The level up thing was the same way in Fallout 3 if I remember correctly

Pillville2667d ago


Yes, that's what normally happens, but in NV I've had the "Level Up" text come up on the screen, but the Level up NEVER happens. I think this is what he's talking about.

I've had a big "!" across my character for no reason.

I've talked to a hooker and a message comes up and says "This hooker is dead" when she's standing right there moving.

Plus the usual freezing.

2667d ago
jessupj2667d ago

The most annoying thing for me is all the freezes. Only up to the house always wins, VII and it's froozen 15 times already. Completely unacceptable.

QuantumSponge2667d ago

Haven't seen as many bugs and glitches as some players, personally. Just "small stuff", like geckos getting stuck in the terrain. Had a couple of crashes, which is annoying, but I'll live.

Judging by some of the coverage on the game here, I honestly expected the game to be broken beyond any semblance of playability out of the box. It's not. Don't get me wrong, it can get pretty glitchy, but I'm willing to overlook that because I'm honestly enjoying this game a lot more than I thought I would. The towns and quests are simply a lot more interesting and feel better intergrated than the ones from Fallout 3, IMO.

soundslike2667d ago

i know it sounds counter-intuitive, but ditch the cross-hairs in the HUD. Your bullets seem to magically go where you want them to afterward. Just put target somewhere in the middle of the screen, hipfire, and spaz out. You'll be surprised how well that works

especially when running backwards away from some scary shit

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