Kinect will outsell Move 5/1

Editor of successfully predicted the PSP Phone. He also predicted the November 2008 stock market crash, so there must be some sort of psychic ability surrounding some of the predictions casted by the editor James Joell-Ireland. In a bold statement it has been posted that Kinect will outsell Move 5/1. In the article Ireland explains that Sony's lackluster marketing campaign will cost Sony dearly.

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Adva2669d ago

Hahaha. Guy is funny.

GamingGamer2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

just random guy making guesses?? lol how does this make news?

BTW, even analysts predicted pretty close sales between Kinect and Move.

plz do not click link, thats prob why he is doing this in the first place

Omega Zues2669d ago

and it will be the end of us all. Opinion piece basically allows any amount of trash, tweets and blogs to spam this site much as possible.

NecrumSlavery2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Well if the Move is already pushing over 2million in sales now, that means Kinect will sell over 10million with in weeks.

Can't they both equally succeed or fail on their own without idiots writing articles like this?

Razmossis2668d ago

PS phone on the other hand (and yes, there is a difference)

Stock market crash, plenty of people predicted it... people have professions doing just that lol

5 to 1 !?... It's a camera peripheral for a genre of game the audience quite frankly couldn't care less about.
5 to 1 equals 10 million sales... again, it's a camera, not Call of Duty

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

They can't be serious ...well good luck to them. lol

Game13a13y2669d ago

guess anybody with a computer can become a journalist nowaday...

Jamegohanssj52669d ago

I came in here expecting Patcher, but for some reason I still leave satisfied.


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Theoneneo812668d ago Show
gunnerforlife2668d ago

and ps2 is going to sell the wii 5-1 during Christmas, we all wish things but dont mean its going to happen now does it

Anorexorcist2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Pachter at it again eh?

Seriously, "analysts" (i.e. anyone with a means to get their opinion out and seen by a large population) these days are just as fool-hardy as online gamblers. Throw a bunch of opinions and forecasts up against a wall and see what sticks.

This guy predicted the Playstation Phone? Yeah him and everyone else who had been following the rumors for the past 3 years. How about he predict the next celebrity to die?

gigaware2668d ago

Just got back from Gamestop the store was packed with people getting Kinect and asking for it no more for those that did not pre-order lol

WhittO2668d ago

Everyone predicted the PSP Phone lol, how is that a "credit" to their estimation skills!

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Cevapi882669d ago

so when this guy says 5 to 1, does he mean launch wise, because roughly 3 million Moves sold in about a month would correlate to 15 million Kinect devices sold...bold statement, if thats what this guy means, then he is completely out of tune with how the market works

gtsentry2669d ago

dam,even microsoft wouldnt mind giving him a slap for saying this

Killed4Less2669d ago

Shipped not sold. Didn't you get the memo that Sony are actually being truthful about it now instead of trying to pass it off as sold?

What company can't stuff a retail chain full of product? Congrats!

ELite_Ghost2668d ago

lol MS didn't even ship twice as much so wth??

STiRacer2669d ago

Garbage outselling garbage. "Motion controls fad"= Garbage. Hopefully, this fad dies out soon.

huzzaahh2668d ago

It's been going on for almost 5 years. It won't die out any time soon.

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