FIFA Highest Selling Sports Franchise OF ALL TIME

It was announced by EA Sports today that the FIFA franchise has surpassed the 100 million sales mark. This includes all releases of the franchise, not just the most recent FIFA 11. By hitting this mark, FIFA has become the highest selling sports franchise of all time. EA is rewarding their fans by releasing the FIFA Ultimate Team DLC for free. Ultimate Team is a card-based player management game that can be played within the game. The card game’s popularity has carried over to popular EA franchises such as Madden and NHL.

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Murgatroyd72634d ago

I'm a bit surprised. I honestly didn't think people cared much for soccer.

Ares84PS32633d ago

How many times it needs to be said?

Murgatroyd72632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

I'm just really surprised that anyone would like it, that's all. I most likely would've made a similar comment for any other sport.

turok2632d ago

... Ignore you now.

seriously wut dumbass still calls it soccer its FOOTBALL/futbol!

Murgatroyd72632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Sockerboll is some real serious stuff, eh?

Ares84PS32630d ago

It looks like you think of yourself as a big football fan aren't you??

Just read this:

omicron0092633d ago

I would have thought it would be the Madden series, go figure.

Ares84PS32633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Only in the USA soccer isn't popular. In the rest of the world it's the number 1 sport.

The World Cup IS the biggest sport event there is. That alone should tell you something.

People in EU don't really buy that much Madden and NBA and MLB....they buy FIFA.

People in the USA buy Madden and NBA and MLB, but they also buy FIFA.

Why is this so suprising?

RaymondM2633d ago

Well, all those soccer hooligans add up haha Congrats to FIFA, I've never been a big soccer fan, but I hear its better than all of the Madden stuff they release every year

turok2632d ago

football is the #1 sport. that or maybe fishing is the #1 but otherwise world cup gets like more than 700 million views worldwide. thats double the us population.