Sony Launches £14m Advert Campaign to Counteract Kinect Effect

Sony's spending £14m to reach three major audiences: families, social players and core gamers. It's formed partnerships with Channel 4, Disney, Nickelodeon and more, and will sponsor Cineworld and Odeon kids clubs. Whilst it doesn't quite match the $500m spent marketing Kinect in the States, it should go a long way to keeping PlayStation Move in everyone's minds at Christmas.

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Zir02815d ago

They are going to need a lot more than that Kinect is currently selling faster than COD:Black Ops on Amazon and its no.1 that's quite a feat considering COD is about to release.

GamingGamer2815d ago Show
Zir02815d ago

Kinect game reviews have been much higher than their Move counter parts so stop trying to troll with your lies.

In fact is there even a Move game that scored an average of 77 like Kinectaminals? Let alone a game that averaged at 84 like Dance Central.

You're going to have to try harder.

Motorola2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

What about the hardware? 3/5 isnt bad but it isnt good either... ^^^

WhittO2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

^^^ all you have to compare Move to are the casual counter parts, which most people who actually care about games are not interested in.

Where is the Kinect counterpart for RE5? Or Killzone 3? Or Heavy Rain, LBP 2 etc the list goes on.
They are REAL games WORTH playing for more than 20 min and Kinect doesn't have any..

Cold 20002815d ago

"Yea with half billion marketing
reviews for kinect has been terrible which explains embargo."

But...according to what you guys say I thought the 500m$ was to buy the reviews...

Razmossis2815d ago

All I've notice is like kinect sports or something, or that game were you stroke a lion

baodeus2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

The price tag is a little bit steap, but hey i guess the move is about the same (if you want to play the same of people). Not sure about the hype either, but let check it after all said and done. Smart shopper waits. I almost never buy 1st generation product.

wait a minute, you mean i haven't play RE5? What, i thought i played that game like years ago.

How is the experience with the moves on those game compare to the DS3?

What happen to the slitting community in KZ3 due to the move support vs traditional DS3? Are we gonna have that from now on for PS3 multiplayer vs games?

Do you think everybody out there share same interest/think like you whitto?

You buy move or kinect in anticipation for new games or games made specifically for it (it doesn't matter if it is casual or HARD CORE (which is a very vague term itself).

Heartnet2815d ago

Erm didnt sports champions score mostly 80+?

aand dance central is the only half decent looking kinect game lol ^^

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AuToFiRE2815d ago

all Sony needs is some more Kevin Butler

Kurisu2815d ago

We're not fortunate enough to have him over here in the UK.

GoldPS32815d ago

Yeah more "Pew, Pew, Pew" ads by KB and Kinect is done for.

eggbert2815d ago

I assure you, release day sales are going to skyrocket.

I mean hell, a lot of things get 1st place in amazon sales when they are first released, I believe the Move did the same thing a few weeks back, as well as games such as Dead Rising 2, Mafia 2, etc.

I guess the release of something just gets more people to buy it or something.

Zir02815d ago

Actually I believe the highest Move ever got was 3 or 5 never no.1

The real killer2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

You said "Kinect is currently selling faster than COD:Black Ops on Amazon and its no.1"

Can you give us some proof?

----------------------------- ------------------------------- ----

I see, my dauchter want also kinect, but i don't want spent 220, euro for one game kinectimals, i don't have any 360 anymore becouse of my little girl and my son don't play 360 either.

I told her last time "are you sure you want sell your 360" now she wants a new one, i'm not that crazy.

Shaman2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #1 in Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games)
#1 in Video Games > Xbox 360 > Hardware

Under product details.

WildArmed2815d ago


Hardware doesn't count software aka games.

But it is no. 2, pretty big deal.
Gratz to MS.

Though personally I dont see the appeal in Kinect.
But obviously some people do.

FordGTGuy2815d ago

85% of the people visiting the Kinect page on Amazon are purchasing it.

ironmonkey2815d ago

85%? common you of all people should that ms buys their products back just to say they sold them all lol jk. dont forget oprah fans haha.

darthv722815d ago

I dont know about the rest of the world but it does wonders in the US. Some risque move commercials with women....yeowza!

Right now they got ones with families in them. Who wants to watch those?

number472815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

No one in their right mind would. Sony spends that $ on exclusives & buying studios, hardware quality, free online, etc. It should read they are spending 14million pounds on advertising.. and thats about it. We are talking about peripherals here...

I'm sure the 14 million for this was already part of the business plan, not just made up now. Sony already said they'd never outspend microsoft when it comes to advertising.

Muffins12232815d ago

Micrsoft spend abotu 10 times more on online and dont near as spend as much as games on micrsoft......and micrsoft spends mroe money 1 becosue they buy games like(gears of war,halo,fable)that use to be pc and have the most streamed tv shows/movies and have games on demand and spend money on add-ons and getting dlc dont spend that much becouse it dosent even have that type of money!

Boody-Bandit2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

my local Walmart and Best Buy has tons of Kinects.
I could've swore I heard about shortages and not being able to keep it in stock. Check any online retailer and you can own one in a day or 3 (depending on shipping).

Comparing Kinect sales to Black Ops in any way has to be about the silliest thing I heard on N4G in a long while.

Game13a13y2815d ago

Sony is already doing alot more than MS to sell Move, look at the support Sony gave to Move vs Kinect.
all you guys have are half-assed mini-games, while we got full blown hardcore support for Move like on Killzone 3, GT 5, Heavy Rain, Infamous 2, Uncharted 3, MAG and alot more, adding on 3-D gaming. ya, good luck playing Kinect.

skrug2815d ago

and the kinect games are at 60 a pop to boot

FordGTGuy2815d ago

Kinect is currently in the #1 position.


That some how makes it less impressive if anything its more impressive as its outselling even the most popular Black Ops SKU.

250 GB Xbox 360 w/ Kinect is #5 and the 4 GB Xbox 360 w/ Kinect is #13. These sales will likely only increase as it gets closer to Christmas.

number472815d ago

How can you say its impressive when Microsoft's spent half a billion dollars on making sure the device sells while threatening lawsuits for negative press(destructoid), and held off reviews(everyone). Then made the statement to ignore reviews of the device, even though they don't ignore IGN when it comes time to put a quote on a box. With the excuse of dumb soccer moms not being aware of researching products outside of Oprah & Ellen.

Thats what staggers me about the kinect sales praise. Sony didn't need to do this to be #1, neither did Nintendo. Patting Microsoft the back for selling a device which is nothing close to its E3 reveal is hardly commendable.. not by a long shot.

500 million would make a popsicle stick #1 on amazon, and if it had a 360 logo on it, you'd be saying the same thing.

Pyscho_Mantis2815d ago

Unlike people here i went to the alunch party and it was nothing like a call of duty release. It may of seemed amazing buts that because there were hundreds of paid dancers there. There actually werent that many people. definitely not like the biggest entertinment laucn in history.

Heartnet2815d ago

No its not Black Ops is 1st and 2nd and Kinect is 3rd

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Gue12815d ago

I don't know how much is that in dollars but I bet that is not even close to 500 million dollars. Half a billion dollars in marketing is just crazy!

Cevapi882815d ago

14 million pounds, thats British currency, for every pound you roughly get 1.6 dollars...about 22 million there is no point in sony spending that much money on a videogame peripheral when they have other products that take priority over the Move

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

£14M? Is something around 19,897,373 USD


And Gran Turismo 5 is coming, they need to focus on that too.

Also they have a great line up of Games for PS Move. For Core and Casual Audience, not only casual and shovelware.

Lucreto2815d ago

I am sure it will appear on Top Gear as well.That alone will bring huge sales.

panasonic232815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

In order for sony to counter Kinect they need 500 million ad campaign and better moves games.

Kinect launch games are getting better reviews then moves launch games, and when i say moves game i'm talking about games built for move not add on.

Lyr1c2815d ago

No they're not rofl.

Metacritic says otherwise.

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