Legendary director Shinji Mikami making one last game

Sad news today - Shinji Mikami, the man behind such classics as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and the recently released but equally brilliant Bayonetta and Vanquish has confirmed that after finishing up on current title, Shadows of the Damned, he will be making just one last videogame with Bathesda before stepping into an exclusive presidential role at his new studio, Tango Gameworks.

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Jamegohanssj52814d ago

So so so so so misleading.


PrimordialSoupBase2814d ago

Not to mention he did not make Bayonetta.

Neckbear2814d ago

Devil May Cry credit goes for Kamiya, as well.

Poor Kamiya, always in the shadow of Mikami...on a good note, though, his games sell better than Mikami games that ain't Resident Evil.

PrimordialSoupBase2814d ago

True. Mikami was still involved with DMC in a production capacity, though.

gypsygib2814d ago

Guy makes amazing gameplay, but he really needs to understand that AAA these days requires the whole package. I'm not saying there has to be MP, but if a games SP only, make sure the gameplay, graphics, story and length are top notch. All are necessary, neither one alone is sufficient for me to spend 60 bucks.

big_silky2814d ago

your loss, Vanquish is probably the most brilliant game i've played all year, possibly this gen overall.

it's really not that short either, it took me 3 days of pretty sizeable time chunks to beat and that was on normal, i'm now playing through on hard.

imagine that, i'm playing a game again. thats almost unheard of this gen.

gypsygib2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Oh, I'll buy Vanquish...just like how I bought Bayonetta - 6 months later for 30 bucks. It's up to the developer/publisher to entice me to spend my hard earned cash for a full priced game. For 60-70 plus tax (I'm Canadian, so tax is 13%), the game better be pure gold.

N4g_null2813d ago

Gyp your a sheep and your cheap. No need for excuses man up. This game rocks though. You let a hollow review stop you from having fun. Too cheap to rent the game also?

Where is all this money the hardcore are suppose to have?

gypsygib2812d ago

lol I'm not a sheep, although I may be cheap/frugal. I rather buy it, than rent, and at least support the devs somehow, as I do believe it's a good game worth owning. Everyone has their own evaluation of value, I don't think Vanquish is worth full price, you do - no need for personal attacks though. If I passed in a weekend, playing only 2-3 hrs a day, I'd feel a bit like I waisted my money.

The reviews are fairly consistent that the game is short (6-8hrs), the game length is all I wanted to learn from them, so insofar game length, yeah they influenced me. In regards to gameplay however; I already know I love it from the demo so I'll buy it....

when the price matches my own subjective view of its value.

No need for personal attacks.

CrescentFang2814d ago

I hope he is able to teach someone the ways he thinks or makes games since he is just becoming president. He still is part of the game industry, so that's good :)

joydestroy2814d ago

does this mean no Vanquish 2???

Nitrowolf22814d ago

no it does not mean that, the team behind it are still there.

I beat Vanquish today such and awesome game

joydestroy2814d ago

sweet, because i like it too. haven't beat it yet though. but i think Vanquish deserves a good sequel

yaz2882814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

woow .. same here
I just finished it ^^ .. its so fucking awesome !!!! so crazy !!!!!!!!!

I want to see a sequel so badly .. hope 2011 ×___×

little advise .. don't miss this game !!!!

Next_Up2814d ago

Lets hope it's longer in gameplay length if not

*check my avatar*

Fishy Fingers2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Yeah I'd like a single player game that takes me more than an evening to complete.

aPerson2814d ago

I don't understand why people are disagreeing with what you said. They'd prefer to buy games that only take a few hours to complete? Weird...

N4g_null2813d ago

The question is have u beat it yet. If so you won't complain about how long it is.

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