Potential Marvel vs Capcom 3 moveset for Classic MegaMan

It's only a matter of time before Capcom finally reveals the MegaMan incarnation that well represent the franchise. I recently came up with a very interesting set of moves for the Blue Bomber and decided to go all out with it and created a visual display of his attacks. The piece can be viewed at my DeviantArt page after the jump.

Note: Because the image is so big, you'll have to click "Download Image" which is to the right, to view the image at full size.

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Gue12696d ago

It looks cool, I hope it's true but we want at least one of these: Mega Man X, Zero or Protoman.

Availation2696d ago

Sadly, X was deconfirmed a while ago but Seth said "X fans will be happy" so I'm expecting Zero or possibly Sigma. Maybe they'll give MegaMan a ProtoMan alternate costume.

RockmanII72695d ago

Sheepmans effect = Fail.