Konami Readying 25 Disc Suikoden Anniversary Soundtrack

The Suikoden series turns 15 on December 15 of this year, and Konami is celebrating with a big soundtrack release. How big? 25 discs worth of big! That's even bigger than Square Enix's 20 disc SaGa series soundtrack, which you have to admit was pretty big.

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Misterhbk2760d ago

instead of making fucking CD's you give us Suikoden VI already! Haven't had a TRUE suikoden game this entire gen. it's ridiculous!

Lucreto2760d ago

At least the series is not dead.

The Anniversary is in December so we could get an announcement there.

They also announced a slot machine for the arcades in Japan.

Cloudberry2759d ago

Whoa, thanks for the link.

Suikoden IV & the hero of the game; Razro (?), got a cool CG & game-play video, and it turned out to be a slot machine... : (

Suikoden IV is the least Suikoden game I like, but I do love the character designs.

The game have potentials, but still flawed, unfortunately.

At least...

It's nice to see it even in this form.

Bereaver2758d ago

No Suikoden has beat one or two. And I really don't see it happening now.

Although, if they went back to the old 2D top view, with 30fps animations and a better rags to riches story.

It could be done.

Redempteur2758d ago

@cloud you liked suiko 4 ?

with those battles ? the naval battles ?
and that story ?

I know it's just my opinion but suiko 5 is better

SquareEnixFan2759d ago

I'm getting tired of waiting on Suikoden VI but It's good to see Konami hasn't forgotten the series.

N4GAddict2759d ago

Suikoden VI on PS3 would be awesome

bakasora2757d ago

Come on a true Suikoden 6 sequel would be nice on NDS, PSP or 3DS.

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Genecalypse2758d ago about a new game Konami? No one wants Cds

ExcelKnight2758d ago

The problem with using blu-ray discs is that you can't even grab the music from them on the PS3. Prince of Persia's collector's edition had a blu-ray soundtrack and it took pirates to grab the music for portable use.

Skullomania2758d ago

Here's hoping for a Suikoden VI announcement for PlayStation 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.