Kinect: Putting it through its Paces. Is it what we expected?

GameDynamo says, "Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 is an amazing device with lots of potential. Out of the box, it’s not as revolutionary as we thought it might be, but we’re convinced it will grow into its own through greater software and application support and the refining of its interface."

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niceguyWii32691d ago

overhyped and underpowered need we say more. Next plz.

darthv722690d ago

That perfectly describes every console released since pong.

+bub for you niceguy.

bviperz2690d ago

Sorry Darth, but folks calling it out for what it is are right. If it's so advanced with all this potential, shouldn't it be evident in the games and not in one's imagination? Look at Wii and Move, you could pretty much tell what to expect when playing the release games. More recently with the Move, even if there was much left to be desired in most of the launch titles, you can tell IN THE GAME just how accurate the move really is and it's potential. With Kinect not so much.

darthv722690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

I am not discrediting his comment. It makes sense. Not sure why some would think otherwise. I generalized console gaming since pong. That really is the only system to deliver what it set out to do. One game, two paddles. Entertainment in its simplest form.

Every system since then has made bold claims to only be surpassed by the next. The claims left behind in favor of the next hyped project with big dreams. Dont tell me you have never experienced that? That is how it works.

Capitalizing on whats been done before instead of breaking the stride. Its all evolution and not revolution.

I gave you an agree by the way.

jneul2690d ago

niceguywii360 i hope it's you, will you finally try out move then??

DigitalRaptor2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

As soon as Microsoft unveiled Kinect to replace Project Natal, and Lionhead Milo Project was cancelled, we pretty much knew that it wasn't the revolutionary device people were expecting.

It might have had a shot at being revolutionary if it worked beyond casual games or games that aren't complex.

catguykyou2690d ago

Milo Project isn't canceled, just changed. Peter just came by Epic last month and spoke with everyone regarding future projects(hardware and software).

KingME2690d ago

It's simple. It's more difficult for the typical person to say something nice than it is for them to say something negative. People, walk around with this fireball in their bellies and would much rather be jackasses.

"More Kinect-enabled applications are needed before it can be called 'revolutionary technology"

Please correct me if I am wrong, but it all that is needed is more Kinect-enabled apps, then wouldn't is already be "revolutionary technology"

Just saying.

Tapioca Cold2690d ago

I rarely post on here but i read alot of posts.

For the last year and a half you losers on this site have been barking about how revolutionary this device would be. You said it would scan objects and recognize finger movements. You thought you would be sitting in front of your TV's like Minority Report. All of you Xboxers'. How foolish. If you can't man up now and finally see that this thing is garbage then you got real problems! It's okay to be honest, people respect that.

I have both consoles but consider myself a Sony fan. However, I bought the Move and I got the manhood to say: It's garbage! I used that for a day and was done with it. Where is my Battlefield/Black Ops/ Socom and controller?

By saying something is good just to save face your helping ruin this industry. many of us Gamers really want all of this motion trash? Move, Wii, Natal, whatever...

There is some lame ass shit out there people are claiming is awesome. God help us...

This what happens with a generation raised by Barney the Dinosaur!



Armyntt2690d ago

I understand what your saying, i do. I think there is room for casuals and us HC gamers. So what if M$ released the Kinect and $ony Move? Thats just more fellow gamers that we can hang with while playing "our" games like KZ, Geow etc. Theres nothing wrong with people having fun with the wii/Move/Kinect. So what if all 3 arent exactly precise or 1:1 motion tracking? The goal of all of these devises is to entertain you and by most reviews all 3 do that. I personally think both Move and Kinect were overpriced and tbh i havent spent much time on either really. With Move i feel like its just a PS3 wii and with the Kinect its a 150$ controller for menus because the games at launch are real weak.

BabyTownFrolics2690d ago

because kinect is not garbage. just because something does not interest you does not make it garbage. kinect cannot ruin gaming, kinect makes gamers out of non gamers, just like the wii did. kinect puts smiles on the faces of people who are not jaded and cynical like you. You want to hurl insults, you want to belittle, you ruin gaming. Why? Because your definition of fun is so narrow, and your disposition is so hateful, that all you can do in this situation is have a hissy fit. The idea that if one does not agree with your opinion they are in need of manning up (have you been listening to female tea party candidates alot recently?) is just laughable. You wanna be a man? Learn to look outside of yourself and recognize that others might actually enjoy something you dont, and be man enough to deal with that without throwing a verbal temper tantrum.

I never owned a wii, just the 360 and PS3. Kinect has turned my wife into a gamer, we now game together. sure the games are casual, so what. They make the woman I love laugh, smile, and it allows us to enjoy gaming together. Thats what I wanted out of kinect, and I am not disappointed in the least.

RacingLightning012690d ago

Well said, in the end that is what it's all about.

catguykyou2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

No no, you don't understand. Unless you said you purchased the Move and it turned your wife into a gamer and made her happy, you're a nerd M$ fanboy who rages online and acts like a dick to everyone. Also you are obligated to defend every dumb decision that M$ makes. Seriously though, it's not even worth replying to this guy cause if you check his comment history, he spews nothing but hateful garbage. I don't care what your priorities are, what console you own/love. Stuff like what Tapioca spew ruins the internet for everyone. In his eyes we are all "losers", "geeks", "dicks", "morons", and "idiots" if we don't think exactly how he thinks we should.

IRetrouk2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

you say you and your wife game together now, how long has kinect been out? a few days and now all of a sudden you game together? i got my girl into gaming ages ago with a little game called burnout revenge, shes been gaming ever since, shes got like 51000 gamerscore now, i agree with most you said but the bit about your girl just dont sound right.

yeracnivek712690d ago

...that you rarely post. :o

raztad2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Well I enjoy playing with my MOVE. MAG is quite fun with it, I'm looking forward to more games supporting it.

I also can see people having fun waggling their arms playing Kinect Joy Ride or following a dance instructor in Dance Central. It is all fun at least until the novelty wear off. However considering how limited the tech is in term of how you interact with games, I dont get where this "potential" actually resides. Well, if you bought into MS marketing and spent $150 in this device, makes sense you hope something better comes to it at some point in the future.

catguykyou2690d ago

You must be joking because I can pretty much guarantee that no one on this site is hyping Kinect like you described. This site is so full of Sony fanboys that anything MS related gets trashed in comments within minutes. Then you get some random trolls that try to stoke the flames on both sides but I've really never seen something like what you are saying. Troll on good sir.

raztad2690d ago


You must be the one joking or with a very convenient short memory. Regular xbox posters in this site has been hyping the "revolutionary and innovative" Kinect since it was announced at E3 last year (formerly known and Project Natal).

catguykyou2690d ago

Then maybe I missed it but every-time this argument comes up in any article and someone actually asks for links to comments that show this, they either link to comments that yes, one person says something with tons of negative comments around it or they choke and use the excuse of,"well, they have it coming. You should of seen what it was like a few years ago. Nothing but MS fan-boys giving Sony fan-boys a hard time about the PS3."

Before anyone starts putting me into one camp or the other, I just hate it when people go into that fanboy mentality and get rude about it. I have both consoles and enjoy them equally so I really just want to have logical convos/comments with people instead of reading the kind of comments that were posted above.

catguykyou2690d ago

Looking more into your comment history I see things like:
"Xbox and the 360 were made by nerds for nerds. That's what all this big argument is about. Nerds ruin everything. They hate the world and ruin everything for everybody else because they can't fit in. Online, when they're all 6'8" with big muscles, and striking good looks, it is an opportunity for them to have a little power, boss people around, and pretend to be "the man". The reality is that it just ruins the experience for everybody else"

I'm glad you hardly comment.

jneul2690d ago

i agreed with everything you said apart from about move, it is an excellent very precise controller, you must have not played on the right games or be playing with the move wrong, hint it's so precise that if you move wrong (i.e waggle, wrist flick) be prepared to lose on sports champions on table tennis

SpinalRemains1382690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Y E S S S S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best post ever!!!!

The fanboy loyalty is leading many to deepthroat their preferred console motion crap! It's all ridiculous and none of it is geared for gamers who want a true experience.

For cryin out loud, if you guys want to move then buy a tennis racket or a baseball glove. This is seriously retarted.

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NewsForMe2690d ago

100% as expected. Its decent, great for children and nongamers.

Peppino72690d ago

Until they show some hardcore games, then I won't be convinced. However, its pretty much geared towards casual gamers, which is fine, and it appears to do a good job in that area. I just hope they can back up their claims to hardcore games, otherwise, just say "It's meant for such and such audience only," not "everyone!"

JRobes2690d ago

It really did look like something cool over the past year but I always had some doubt... I can see why it would be tough to create a "core" game right out of the gate though. Hopefully devs are just using these more basic games as betas for whats to come. At least Microsoft is trying to bring something new into the equation.

yeracnivek712690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

...or not at all. I'm a REAL gamer....just sold Fallout:NV, after 103 hrs first playthrough, just started Fable 3 with my wife, and have several XBLA games I play on a regular basis (Peggle is still one of my favs).

I LOVE Kinect...and I actually hate the Wii (largely for the Gamecube graphics and unappealing library of games). It's EXACTLY as I expected...but I likely had more realistic expectations than a lot of people.

xg-ei8ht2690d ago

It's crap, yes it is what i expected!

Armyntt2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Dude u have been trollin for 2 days now knockin the kinect. We get it you dont like it. Why do u post that 10 times a day? Your comment history reeks of a troll. Go be a fanboy in sony forums. You seem to comment more negativity towards xbox than positive for ps3. Grow up and dont be such a fuk$tik.

yeracnivek712690d ago's simply that it's a MS product, rather than a Sony one. And the fact that MS will actually be successful...because of proper marketing...with similar technology Sony failed launching on PS2.

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