PlayStation Blog | God of War Collection: Lost Atlantis Level Revealed

William Weissbaum // Production Coordinator:

With the recent release of God of War: Ghost of Sparta, players now have the opportunity to explore Atlantis on the PSP. But this isn’t the first time Atlantis was going to be featured in a God of War game. Back in 2005, Senior Level Designer Jonathan Hawkins was given his first assignment on God of War II – create an epic experience set in the fabled lost city of Atlantis. Unfortunately, after months of work, Jonathan’s designs had to be cut from the game due to some high-level changes. Afterwards, he went on to create some of the more memorable moments and puzzles in God of War II, such as the heart pounding Grapple Bridge sequence.

In honor of God of War Collection being release in HD on the PSN, we have delved into the Santa Monica Studio archives and found the never-before-seen layouts and sketches of this lost level. In the video above, Jonathan walks us through his designs and the heartbreak of having it cut from the game.

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