What Is That One Game You Cannot Live Without?

Games are entertaining packages that helps to remove loneness, and improve intelligence; this is a rational view of gaming. Various genre appeal to different people. Gamers all over the world show different level of addiction to genres of their choice, within this precept there is most likely a particular game that gives you delight, fulfillment, and self esteem, a game you cannot do without, a game you’d buy over and over again in the event of damage

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SkyCrawler2637d ago

Been a huge tekken fan since Tekken3 and ever since I've owned every home console version of it and PSP versions.

Dramscus2637d ago

MAG. I've never put so many hours into a game.

proudly_X2637d ago

MAG is simply epic . . . you never know early that you have put in so much time in it.

proudly_X2637d ago

Personally, I'd take MGS anytime

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