Gifter's Guide: What Kinect and Move Offer Gamers

Paul writes, "With PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect release dates so close together there was bound to be the question asked, are they similar? The ongoing comparisons are going to be inevitable when it comes to the new motion controllers that have been recently released...."

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dkblackhawk502693d ago

Offers a different choice, different is alawys better.

Hitman07692693d ago

That's what America is all about.

I still think most gifters would have rather got the Wii if these two went face to face just because of the price difference but since the Wii is already in everyone's homes for the most part I see potential for gift purchasers to pick up both of these this holiday season.

VINNIEPAZ2693d ago

"Offers a different choice, different is alawys better."

Shhhh the PS3 trolls will hear you.....

"WHAT? Different? Thats crazy talk, everyone suppose to ONLY believe what I believe. That kinect will fail!"

meiamsome2693d ago

They both look interesting enough. I wish I had the cash for one of these. Lucky X-mas kids!

thevokillist2693d ago

Kinect sminect! Never was a fan of charades.

GeoramA2693d ago

I'll take the Move over the gimmickinect.

Agent-862693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

This quote from the article sums it up pretty well: "Unlike the Kinect, it rocks to have something to hold in your hand, and in my opinion, makes the game feel more realistic rather than reaching for something that isn't there." And this one, too: "Sony is about games first where Microsoft isn't anymore."

arragion2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I would take Move over only Eye-toy,.. Has both,..??!!
It is way cheaper,.. and works for other games than eye-toy games,.. and It is precise as a mofo,..

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