Did The House of Fallout Just Buy *Another* Studio?

Kotaku: "Bethesda (and parent company ZeniMax) has gone on a major shopping spree over the past few years, expanding far beyond Oblivion and Fallout, swallowing up the creators of Doom and Resident Evil. And it doesn't look like they're stopping there.

ZeniMax Media, the people who already own Bethesda Software, id Software, Arkane Studios and, most recently, Shinji Mikami's Tango Gameworks, looks like it might have grabbed a few big Swedish names by welcoming Machinegames to the family."

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theonlylolking2724d ago

I dont like how they are buying so many companies and still bringing us crappy games like oblivion and fallout series.

Christopher2723d ago

I must be playing a different Fallout game...

Nitrowolf22723d ago

Crappy? well thats opinion, but still No
Buggy? Yes, however i didn't experience much bugs in FO:NV as much as FO3

skottey2723d ago

Yes, F:NV is buggy but there are workarounds to every bug I have come across. It is a huge game and great fun! People always complain about Fallout 3 and the bugs but I had very few problems on the 360. Granted, I got mine a few months after release. I bought New Vegas at midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning. This company is doing fine gobbling up other companies at this time.

BeOneWithTheGun2723d ago

Oblivion is one of my favorite games of all time. Fallout is near the top of the list, too. But, to each their own.

DaCajun2723d ago

Morrowind is still Bethesda's best game in turns of game play in my opinion. Oblivion was better looking but lacked the depth that Morrowind had. Plus they watered down the crap out of the game play for Oblivion to make it easier for casual gamers so they could make more money which I can understand since they are a business. There was no challenge after I went through the first gate, the weapons and armor I found lasted me until the end of the game because there was nothing better and the ability to keep making yourself invisible over and over made it possible to just walk past every enemy and complete objectives with little or no resistance but even without using that method fighting the enemies were a joke, they were too easy to defeat. Plus Morrowind was not plagued with bugs, I never had any problems playing it like I did with Oblivion or Fallout 3.

Fallout 3 was a better challenge but way to full of bugs and was not worth the money I paid. If you buy a car and it had that many problems you would bring it back and get your money back because we have lemon laws to protect us. Why don't we have lemon laws for games. Too many games come out and plague with bugs and people just accept it waiting/hoping for patches and blinding keep buying this crap.

dragunrising2723d ago

They are buying good game studious and giving them the cash to make better games. What is so bad about that?

dragonelite2723d ago

Uumh what are you talking about just say you dont like games with depth like those rpg.

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Cyrus3652723d ago

Man ZeniMax is on a buying spree.

Cajun Chicken2723d ago

Ooh...that's strategic. Gotta love Riddick and The Darkness.

Blaze9292723d ago

nah, hated that Riddick remake. Never played the original so dunno.

The Darkness however, OMG that game was godly (except it's multiplayer). Anxiously anticipating the sequel.

Cajun Chicken2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Two games on one disc man. Although before Assault on Dark Athena, I hadn't played Escape from Butcher Bay. Ironically, the high definition and extended remake of EfBB was the best of the two included on the disc. Dark Athena was quite hard and frustrating, but the ulaks were cool.

The Darkness has a very similar feel to Riddick when talking to the characters or interacting with machines.

Starbreeze are awesome and buying the new studio set up by the lead staffers is pretty damned brilliant providing they look after them. Oh, and we still have Starbreeze, just with hopefully new talent.

skottey2723d ago

I loved the Darkness but I had the PS3 version and hit a bug between the 4th and 5th chapters. I even called support (first time ever talking to a tech support in England of all places) and of course they did nothing for me. A patch was NEVER released. I ended up getting the 360 version but could never bring myself to going through that much of the game again. Had I been able to FINISH it, it would have easily made my top ten of all time. Right up there with both Fallout 3 and NV, Demon's Souls, Mass Effect 1 and 2, Sacred 2, Civ 2/4/5, and some Sim City games.

pr0digyZA2723d ago

Yup you really missed out on the darkness' brilliant ending.

Genecalypse2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I respect Zenimax right now, hopefully they dont turn into Activision with all this power

Beahmscream2723d ago

The only issue I have with the company is the bugs

Eiffel2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

So...because of a game engine developed by Bethesda, it's somehow Zenimax's fault, whom had no involvement in it's creation. Either that or you're referring to Bethesda and not Zenimax, either way Zenimax is the parent company so it shouldn't matter.

From what I've seen from the ID Tech 5 engine developed by Id Software, which is going to be supported across all future Zenimax/Bethesda published titles, it's a technical marvel.

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