Kinect's New York launch misses expectations, but still a good party

GamesRadar: "I'm still reeling from all the free drinks and necessary-but-copious Tums popping I endured at Microsoft's Kinect launch afterparty, but I've sobered up enough to say that last night's very well-orchestrated event was, in a word, successful. Microsoft probably would have preferred something like "insane" or "unbelievable," but it wasn't quite there. Still, pretty damn cool."

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fr0sty2630d ago

$500 mil on ads, and it didn't even sell out at the launch event. I hear nervous investors dialing phones...

GamingGamer2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

is that too much to ask??

i mean 500 million dollars would have given us 10 AAA titles.

i mean 1 exclusive game coming out in Q4 next year??
and it was delayed for "business reason"

Motorola2630d ago

500 million would give you way more than 10 AAA titles..

Kamikaze1352630d ago

The GTA IV DLC alone cost around 50 million dollars. That's just DLC...and for a game that came out two years ago. Game development is only getting more expensive, so year, 500,000,000 for 10 AAA titles seems about right.

Killed4Less2630d ago

"i mean 1 exclusive game coming out in Q4 next year?? "

I've owned a 360 since year one and there has never been just 1 exclusive.

Why don't you list me the Sony exclusives for next year that have an actual release date. Go ahead..

If you are going to just take whatever Sony announces as a confirmed game for 2011 then why not add the exclusive Crytek game to Xbox? Stack the deck.

You guys hate talking about sales but you can't stop talking about $500 mil that Xbox sent and I will put a bet on that most of you don't even own a 360.

Strikepackage Bravo2630d ago

just owned all you trolls, now go play uncharted.

Imperator2630d ago


okay, okay TWO 360 exclusives next year. Is that better? Now let's look at PS3:

Last Guardian
killzone 3
Motorstorm Apocalypse
Resistance 3
R&C All 4 One
Twisted Metal

And that's just off the top of my head. I'm probably missing quite a few. But yea, I think that proves my point.

huzzaahh2630d ago


I have a PS3, 360, and Wii.

There are only a couple exclusives announced for 360 next year with no guaranteed release dates.

There are too many PS3 exclusives announced for PS3 next year that I'll be able to buy, and even though none have set release dates yet, It's almost a sure thing that at least half will be released in 2011.

I haven't touched my Wii, except to replay a couple games, for a year or two.

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masterofpwnage2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

11people and probably more had a horrible time at the event.

Lord_Doggington2630d ago

me and my buddy were drunk the whole time and sang auld lang syne at the end of the countdown...yes. that was me.

THC CELL2630d ago

all turned up for neo really not kinect lol

Parapraxis2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

So did everybody basically get the 150$ in free shwag?
Guess waiting in line for 2 days might not have been worth it.

Shazz2630d ago

wouldnt mind having 1 a those i am the controller shirts for when im in bed with the lady lol

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