GamesRadar: Kinectimals Review

GamesRadar: "Borrowing a page from PlayStation Move’s EyePet, Microsoft has launched the achingly adorable Kinectimals alongside the new motion-sensing peripheral. To avoid suffocating in this entry’s all-consuming cuteness during extended play sessions, we had to continually remind ourselves to play it from a parent’s perspective. You see, the game’s as sweet as that bit of un-dissolved hot chocolate at the bottom of your cocoa mug and as cute as a button sewn onto a cuddly teddy bear sitting in a giant pink beanbag chair."

You'll love

* Controller-free pet care
* Story-driven goals
* Freaking cute animals

You'll hate

* Too many object-tossing minigames
* Activities are hit or miss
* May be too cute for the serious gamer

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