This Kinect Game Has Halo Surprises

The video here is from Kinectimals. It shows two of what I believe are three unlockable Halo elements in the game.

Both the Warthog and the Ghost you see in the clip are iconic Halo vehicles. You unlock them by winning playful races and sports contests with your Kinectimals cub. The vehicles can be used for random challenges, as you see in the first clip, or on short race tracks, as you see in the other. You control the vehicles by sticking your hands out and pretending you are using a steering wheel. The Warthog controls take time to get used to, just like in proper Halo.

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Cevapi882664d ago

does MS really believe that the Halo crowd will buy this because of 2 vehicles?

i doubt anyone is that gullible

Fan Tastic2664d ago

"does MS really believe that the Halo crowd will buy this because of 2 vehicles?

i doubt anyone is that gullible "

You really don't understand the typical Halo fan. They buy anything with the name Halo attached to it no matter the quality.

Great move by MS, guarantees millions of blind buys once a again.

Elven62663d ago

They call them "easter eggs", games used to have them all the time back in the day.

gcolley2663d ago

@Fan Tastic. what are we basing this on? all those crappy halo games??? are you insane? so far all halo games i have played have been pretty damn good including the RTS. and i am not a halo fanboy, never even played the multiplayer.

go away

Fan Tastic2663d ago

No, I am not insane and no I will not go away. Typical response from a Halo sheep to feel so threatened when the truth is spoken. "go away". :D

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Parapraxis2664d ago

The future of the Halo series?
lol, lets hope not.

lugia 40002664d ago

I think tat be a trap for me halo lover to buy kinect. Nice try.

lugia 40002664d ago

I am trying to make a joke, but people are just retarded. If you don´t like it, you should GTFO. Actually nobody needs to GTFO. This is a public website and I have every right to express myself.
I am not a PS3/360 fanboy. What I mean is Microsoft had to milk the game with more Halo because Microsoft´s 360 wouldn´t live without it. If kinect was had the name Halo on it, everyone would buy it.

Neko_Mega2664d ago

Well watching riding the ghost is awesome, is this a hint that they are thinking about making Halo for Kinect?

Don't know and don't care, but once things I do know. This is cute.

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