Kotick: Black Ops “is likely to be the biggest entertainment launch of all time”

It seems that old Bobby Kotick is boasting his company again. In todays Activision Earnings Call he’s been making quite a few remarks about his company

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saint_john_paul_ii2637d ago

isnt this what they all said last year....

lociefer2637d ago

and previous year, and next year

-Alpha2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

But he is actually right. MW2 was the biggest launch game to my knowledge and I doubt BO will be any less considering pre-order sales are more than that of MW2.

If He said that last year about MW2, then he was correct and obviously he is going to say it again since all signs indicate BO to be bigger.

Don't dismiss him on the basis that you may not like him

Strange_Evil2637d ago

All COD's hence forth will always be the biggest entertainment launch... The only game I think that can rival it is just GTA5, but thats not coming even next year, so COD has the thrown for at least 2 years...

Sad but he is speaking the truth..

toaster2637d ago

LMAO this guy is so full of himself.

VenomProject2637d ago

That ain't all he's full of.


Indeed, you can see that, watching this pic for 3 sec:

toaster2637d ago

Stuff of nightmares, bro. Stuff. Of. Nightmares.

Fishy Fingers2637d ago

Indeed, it is what they said about MW2, and they were right. It currently holds the record.

zeddy2637d ago

without call of duty this guy would be nothing.

raztad2637d ago

Not exactly.

Last year he said "MW2 WILL be the biggest entertainment launch"

Notice the "is likely" in his comment regarding BO. Guy is not sure.

Hades13372637d ago

No chance, what with all this release date malarkey.

Imperator2637d ago

Ps3 games aren't known for selling huge launch numbers, they sell over a long period of time.

Kran2637d ago

Yes. They said that last year, and the predictions were right.

Ever heard of record breakers? Yeah, they're people who try to beat the current record... DUH!

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RedDead2637d ago

Kotick, anti-christ, Hitler....they're all the same person

dktxx22637d ago

I think you owe hitler an apology.

RedDead2637d ago Show
RedDead2636d ago

one little joke and you rip my bubble to shreds....sigh, guess it was of bad taste/

turok2637d ago

he is none. quit hating. sure he is a douch but he isnt that low... yet.

a08andan2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

The following logic clearly states why Kotick and his statements are absurd:

"Ko" means cow in Swedish. Tick is something that give u diseases or make you say something stupid without any intention of saying it. Therefor Kotick is a cow that says weird things and is spreading diseases in the game industry.


theonlylolking2637d ago

I thought halo reach was? What is next GT5 being the biggest release this year on PS3?

doctorstrange2637d ago

Was the biggest entertainment launch of 2010 so far

Fishy Fingers2637d ago

COD will easily out do either Halo or GT if only because it's multiplatform.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

GT5 is definitely the biggest game to be released this year for PS3.

And biggest Driving Simulator of this generation.

Shackdaddy8362637d ago

This guy is sooooo full of it. Even though BO will be really good, it wont be the biggest entertainment launch of all time.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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