El33tonline Review: FIFA 11 (PS3)

Oltman at El33tonline writes:

"FIFA 11, like all EA Sports titles, released a little early. 2010 is just about to hit its midlife crisis and next year’s title is already available, making everything with a 10 in it obsolete. And is it just me or do they release them earlier and earlier every time. Soon we will see FIFA 14 in 2012.

Now that the obligatory crack at the annual release schedule of FIFA games has been handled, we should get down to business. FIFA 11 is a very, very good football game. It is not a simulation, as some might claim, especially since there is no realistic football controller… yet… But it’s about as close as we can come to playing the beautiful game in front of thousands of people. It’s also as close as most of us will come to winning one of these games, let alone lifting any sort of silverware."

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