Peter Dille Talks PlayStation Move Success And PSP Plans

Recently, we caught up with Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America, to discuss the subjects of delayed games, the upcoming launch of the PlayStation Move, the PSP, and he feels about the position of the two platforms, from the standpoint of third-party game support and success.

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IrishYamato2481d ago

The interviewer should have asked about the PSP2 leak from Patrick Soderlund.

LordMarius2481d ago

Damn! @ that pic. If they had her where they sell MOVEs here, I would buy 10

bviperz2481d ago

I don't think so! Lemme check...


Nah, with one should be enough.

Ravage272481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

in case you feel like...erm...exercising

Acquiescence2481d ago

Asking just out of curiousity, I thought I was able to detect the Japanese language by now and it really sounds like that chick is speaking another dialect.

Whatever country she's from, she's hot as sin. I wouldn't mind putting the MOVE's on her. And by that I mean sexual intercourse.

NnT32912480d ago

those girls are pretty xD I think that's Taiwanese.

beenees2480d ago

NnT3291 I can confirm that she's Taiwanese.

MEsoJD2481d ago

I only clicked to get a better look at that pic :p

MWH2481d ago

lol so did i brother

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_Dbvw65_2481d ago

Of course the ps moveis successful why isnt anybody talking about the success of it its awesome.

nevin12481d ago

" if you move your head a certain way you might lose the image"

Is that true and wouldn't that be a problem for the 3DS?

rrw2481d ago

3ds using parallax barrier in which image are send of in a angle to see 3d like human eye. that why we have slider to help find the nice spot

NBT912481d ago

PS Move is a success and i'd much rather know how they are going to build on the success of that than the PSP which is getting old now.
I mean they can't just launch the Move well and hope that devs make good games for it can they? It must have more functionality somehow...

I mean how about to draw stuff on the screen during a video chat for instance, or picking items to turn the Move into on screen.... Or something actually good? XD

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