Mass Effect: European release date

It has just been announced that Mass Effect will be released in Europe 23 November, only 3 days after the USA release.

Thanks Microsoft for nearly the same release dates for games in USA&Europe.

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TheMART4099d ago

It's not a duplicate story. The other one is the US releasedate. This is Europe.

Other (Dutch) source:

TnS4098d ago

Strange that they not included this in the press release on the official site.

Vojkan4098d ago

When is Japanese release date and will there be Japanese release`?

Just wondering

SpenserTracy4098d ago

I mean, im really thankful, thanksiful alot. Very alottish. O thanks o great Wizzard for magicly bringing this game to the US oh and Europe almost the same time. Im soooo thankful....

Lygre4098d ago

I didn't expect a game like Mass Effect to come out in EU any later than 3 days after USA anyways.

The biggest game of them all comes out in the US only 1 day before EU.

Saint Sony4098d ago

Name one similar game for PS3?.. I would buy it in a heart beat. Mass Effect will be another AAA for 360.

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