Dance Masters or Dance Central? Buyer's guide

After the exciting launch of the Kinect, gamers are left wondering which games they should purchase first. This is a buyer's guide for those who are stuck on making a decision between Dance Masters or Dance Central.

Despite the fact that they are both dance games, they are still extremely different.

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Ninferno2696d ago

Dance Central all the way... Everyone got their Kinects with Dance Central yesterday.

MelonieMac2696d ago

I'm on the fence, really. Both look amazing and have their own separate strong points. I love the art on Dance Masters, and the silhouette system seems really cool, but Dance Central has more familiar songs, and it overall seems easier to catch on to.

I guess I will have to get both. :p

Trevin1232695d ago

Dance central is a must with Kinect you should really get it :P

MelonieMac2695d ago

haha good to know. I will do. :D I just need to get a Kinect first. *impatient*

greatfenris2695d ago

Well, to the point article which details all of the important points. The looks on Dance Masters are really something else...the mood pretty japan pop like and so you're right, it might be not as accessible for most west gamers.

If you get Kinect, both should be in it. Question is, all at once or which one to buy first. I myself would go with Dance Central first and then up the voltage with Masters. :-D

MelonieMac2695d ago

Great analysis there! I agree. Dance Central is more likely the best to start with, then working up to Dance Masters.

Unless you love jpop, then go straight to Dance Masters :p

greatfenris2695d ago

If I should happen to go for Kinect these days, I would probably give both a thorough try and then see to it.

Or maybe eat less and invest the money in both so you'll have quite the exercise and restrained from eating too much. XD Because jpop has its coolness too! :-)

IuseC42695d ago

Dance Masters for me. I will play this in my room, alone.

yourfather2695d ago

Dance Master have online play

greatfenris2695d ago

Oh, this is indeed a nice feature! Plus real two player side by side dancing. They really know how to play the gimmick part well! :-)

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