Hackers take aim on GoldenEye 007

GamerZines writes: "Reports are coming in from numerous sites that hackers have already begun making their mark on Activision's Wii-make GoldenEye 007."

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Rrobba2788d ago

Damn you hackers, go get a life and leave us clean gamers play in peace.

dangert122788d ago

its sad really don't see why people would take it upon themself to ruin other peoples fun...

ChickeyCantor2787d ago

I dont mind people hacking stuff.
I just dont see why they can't let this just be and NOT share it with the *unts who have urges to cheat.

And its not really much hacking if you have the tools to find adresses in the memory banks to find a value and change it.

Product2788d ago

Yea, I'm the one who reported this first to GoNintendo. The match was crazy, everyone had infinite health, which was odd because it meant it was a 10 minute draw. I quit out and it has been the only time I have seen such a thing. That sad part is I couldn't get the users name as he gave everyone infinite health. I really hope this turns into something Activision can fix as if it gets bigger it will completely ruin the online.

As of right now though the game online is great fun. I mean 1 hacked match out of 4 hours played? Not to bad honestly considering how bad it could get.

dragunrising2787d ago

I'm glad to hear it isn't so wide spread its out of control. I hope Activision is able to fix this issue soon as I'd like to buy this game at some point.

farhsa20082788d ago

not even the great goldenye is left unturned by the hackers

Bathyj2788d ago


Did he really just say Wii-make?

tunaks12788d ago

hopefully it doesn't turn into conduit 1, goldengun mode is awesome

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