Jordan Killed EA’s “NBA Elite 11″

Golgotron says, "It’s been 7 years since Michael Jordan played an NBA game, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t finished doing what he did best: killing the competition. After a long postponement, EA Sports has officially canceled NBA Elite 11, leaving NBA 2k11 as the only basketball simulation game of the year. To most it seemed this was a long time overdue, but others like myself, who stuck by and loved NBA Live, will be sad to see it go."

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saint_john_paul_ii2788d ago

no, EA just killed themselves.

DORMIN2787d ago

Not neccesarily. Live series used to be KING. 2K simply took the crown through good game making of a realistic sim.

I've been playing the NBA2K games since it started and what most people dont know is JORDAN WAS IN 2K3 when he played for the Wizards. lol

Kevin McCallister2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

They sure did. If I had to point to a single thing that was the final nail in the coffin for Elite 11, it was the video below. Shortly after that started getting tons of views, the game was delayed/cancelled. Video is also absolutely hilarious.

Ghost-Face2788d ago

EA should've build around Live10 instead of trying to give us that crap of a game that was Elite11.

iceman062787d ago

Mike Wang was responsible for the sudden resurgence or the Live series with Live 10. Once he returned home to the 2K franchise, it was all but over for EA and Live. He is just a great basketball game designer. If Tiburon has any chance of getting Elite on track they will probably have to go back to Live 10 as a template.

jut4202788d ago

EA should just go back to PS2 Live days (Jason Kidd on the cover was my favorite Live) and try to get that gameplay working on a new build

Blaster_Master2787d ago

White Chocolate, Mullins, and Webber son. Hahaha! Thats around the time Midnight Club really popular.

jut4202784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

dude D Miles man! Best defensive player in the game...averaged like 10 blocks a game with him....Ben Wallace is my fav. defensive player of all time but Miles was sick in the game!

Dellis2787d ago

EA needs to counter and have Wilt Chamberlain in the cover

jonboi242787d ago

Still won't work. No player past or present has tha mass appeal that Jordan has, now or ever.

gunnerforlife2787d ago

im not a fan of basketball i dont know any other player that plays basketball but i know Michael Jordan! nearly half the planet knows about Michael Jordan!

mrcash2787d ago

The players that have that appeal now, are already in the game, so it wont work.

TheoreticalParticle2787d ago

Only if Wilt's cover has 10,000 women joining him. :)

Trollimite2787d ago

thats why they bought the NFL license, 2K would do the same thing to the madden.

sometimes i wonder what NFL 2K11 would be like.

Baka-akaB2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

and I think 2K should have kept fighting them over US football . EA kept buying football licenses , but while being the current favorite , can't seems to bury a still very successful PES franchise .

Especially when it's so easy to mod into a "licensed" game

NoBias2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Amazing. That's would it'd be like.

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The story is too old to be commented.