TZM 2: The Zelda Marathon 2

A group of gamers will once again prepare to marathon through all 7 console "Zelda" games as part of The Zelda Marathon 2.

The event will begin Friday, Dec. 10th at 7 p.m. ET at The Penguins Productions team will be playing 7 Zelda games for 24 hours a day. The marathon will not conclude until all 7 games have been completed.

In their previous 2 marathons, "The Zelda Marathon" and "The Mystery Marathon", the group has raised approximately $6500 for their local Big Brothers Big Sisters agency. They will be aiming to raise $4000.00 for the charity this time around.

The group has just released an "Inception" themed trailer to promote the event in hopes of gaining more traction and spreading awareness about the event:

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