The Next Battlefield is Free to Play

TSA writes:
Ben Cousins from EA has been in London town showing off the new Battlefield title. This has been kept under wraps and will be officially unveiled tomorrow. Earlier today there was a big event down at the 02 when the game was shown to the press with the likes of MTV in attendance

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Rrobba2758d ago something similar to Battlefield Heroes? I wonder what it is...

visualb2758d ago

new game all together? maybe some sort of super stripped down version of Battlefield Badcompany 2 Multiplayer?! =O

or modern Battlefield 1943 style game? hmmm

Incipio2758d ago

Wouldn't this be nice.

theonlylolking2758d ago

That would be awesome. I am hoping it will be as good as battlefield 2.

Pandamobile2758d ago

A F2P game as good as BF2? C'mon, Bad Company 2 hasn't even come close to being as good as BF2.

soundslike2758d ago


and I hope I find 1000 dollars in a pocket doing laundry

Croash2758d ago

This could be very interesting.

im-12-years-old2758d ago

Nothing wrong with long as they keep working on bf3 while they are working on this

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The story is too old to be commented.