Sony PSP 2 rumours: Top 10 explored

The Sony PSP 2 rumour mill gets inspected by the T3 department of hearsay and bunkum.

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Dramscus2787d ago

It's either got to be small enough to fit in a pocket or big enough to require going in a bag.
So like pspgo sized or slightly under netbook sized. Maybe the size of a small tablet. 7.5 - 9 inch screen kind of deal.
I bet it's going to have some kind of surprise tech in there most people aren't guessing yet.

jimineyscrickets2786d ago

A phone, a 5+ megapixel camera, and full digital dist and I am there!

tdogg060519912786d ago

Have a touch screen on the back and broadcast 1080p

jack_burt0n2786d ago

It has kinect intergrated you can put it down and

"you become the portable controller"

"you are the touchscreen!!!"


Bass_fisherman2786d ago

I bet all those rumors are all pure speculation.
1080p games runing at 60 fps - keep dreaming unless you want to pay around 800$ for that

Lyr1c2786d ago

Maybe not 1080p, but they did say they had the thing running at 60fps. ("They" being the team behind MK....or something)

TheLastGuardian2786d ago

I like that mock up. I wouldn't mind if the PSP2 was designed like that.

slate912786d ago

If it has 2 anolog sticks, I'm there. Otherwise its a pass. That's why I got rid of my first psp.

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