The Parallels in Censorship Between Comics and Video Games

Golgotron says, "Video game controversy is not a new topic by far. Countless studies and laws have been proposed and shot down. So what makes this new hearing important? It’s that the Supreme Court is going to say the final word on all this violent video game shenanigans. If the Supreme Court sides with the anti gaming laws, it’ll bring all the Jack Thompsons out of the woodwork and a lot of good, but mature games may be passed over for what’s safe. Sure with the precedent of previous rulings, it may not pass. But with the twist of studies and conservative groups pushing the fact that violence in video games cause harm to minors, it’s just the thing that gets concerned, well meaning people who are in the dark about a subject to pass a law that is more harm than good. But it’s not like this hasn’t happened in American culture before, because it has. I’m talking about comics."

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