Five things to know about Call of Duty: Black Ops

Yahoo: The biggest name in military games gets its next installment on November 9 -- but how much do you really know about this hotly-anticipated, Cold War-era shooter? In a few minutes, you'll know plenty.

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CommonCent2669d ago

Special editions, really special? Sounds like marketing tongue to me.

undercovrr2669d ago

I wonder who bought the jeep wrangler edition. And if they did, they probably think of the Jeep as coming with the game.

Scenarist2669d ago

LOL nahhh the game comes with the jeep (it better)

Spinal2669d ago

At the price of £45. I won't be buying this. How can they charge more than an AAA title like Killzone 3? which is priced £40.

Insult! This should be £29.99 Max!

THE TRUTH2669d ago

I don't agree with the price but they know Call of Duty will sell even with a higher price. The only way to make them change their minds is for a lot of gamers to just not buy it.

Are_The_MaDNess2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

I can't belive you guys complain about mere 45 pounds

check the prices in Norway (600kr = 64,2 GBP/104,3 USD)
even at a personal discount Im at 49,2 GPB
and if you think that is steep, then checkout Sweden (its worse i think)

heck, checkout steam its for 60EU/52GBP right now

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