Cliffy B: Heavy Rain is for girls

Gears of War lynchpin Cliff Bleszinski believes Sony undersold Heavy Rain but not marketing the game directly to women.

Speaking in an interview with BioShock creator Ken Levine posted on Irrational Games' website, Epic design director Cliffy B explained, "I hate to sound misogynistic but it feels like such a great game for a girl who wouldn't normally play games.

"Because women love true crime! I don't know what it is. I've said it before – they love two things in life: queso dip and true crime.

"Y'know, you'd see Heavy Rain advertised in PlayStation Magazine and things like that. I'm like, dude why isn't this in Entertainment Weekly? Why aren't you marketing this to the right crowd?

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frjoethesecond2785d ago

As yahtzee would say, "screw you Cliffy B"

-Alpha2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

The title is full of so many implications. You can clearly see what he says in the description. The automatic assumption is "Gasp! 360's Cliffy is calling Heavy Rain girly!" But that's not at all what he is saying.

He isn't saying the game is girly, but that women would love a game like Heavy Rain because they are into mystery horror games ("true crime")

And I do find it true that women are much more into that sort of genre, hell here is some proof: http://www.marketingcharts....

And I would agree with him. I can easily see girls I know loving this game much like they love something like the Sims. It's got realistic drama that can hit home with a lot of casuals/different audiences if marketed towards them too.

EW did give it a review if anyone is interested though:

ryuzu2785d ago

And Cliffy B is for MEN hehe.


guitarded772785d ago Show
AceofStaves2785d ago

Generalizations are always tricky when it comes to gender, but I prefer story-driven games with strong characterization, yes. Though I haven't played it, 'Heavy Rain' is a much more appealling title to me than a sports title, for example.

Anton Chigurh2785d ago

Heavy Rain (w/PS Move) is for Cliffy B

visualb2785d ago Show
D4RkNIKON2785d ago

@Alpha - I just played through HR the other day with my girlfriend watching. She doesn't really like games much but she was hooked on watching me play HR. She loves CSI and other crime scene investigative shows. I see where cliffy was coming from

-Alpha2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )


Yeah, so much of the female demographic is into that CSI crap lol.

I guess people would rather just make gay/sexist jokes apparently

Dee_912785d ago

so what the fuck is he saying about me ?
this the type of stuff that get people shot

Silly Mammo2785d ago

If it was really a game for women, it would have glittering teenage vampires and shirtless werewolves!! j/k I haven't finished the game yet, so hopefully that wasn't a spoiler.

pimpmaster2785d ago

just a question. does anyone here watch the first 48 and stuff like that. i watchd csi one time and and i just cant get into it, its so scripted.

Larry L2785d ago

....."And I guess Gears would have sold more if it was marketed to gay males."

I'm not signed up to that site, nor do I care to...since you's eurogamer..... so I'll reply to that comment here.

They DID market that game to gay males.

Anyone see what I did there? lol

rocky0475862785d ago

I definitely agree with you on this. I know plenty of girls that were interested in the Heavy Rain game even though they had never touched a PS3 before. Several of my girl friends wanted to play every time I played in front of them, or wanted to know what was happening next when I talked to them on the phone. So yeah, I can definitely see Cliffy B's point.

But with that being said, the game has sold nearly 2m units so far, so I think it did just fine as far as marketing is concerned. It got itself into the right hands and was one hell of an experience in my opinion.

MasterGuru2785d ago

Don't flame, Cliffy. He's saying the truth and btw, don't be fooled by the flamebait title. Read what he says first.

Red_Orange_Juice2785d ago

STFU Cliffy, I loved this game, and I ain't no puss

A Cupcake for Gabe2785d ago

Well my wife loved HR but it's not a girls game. The topics in HR are really mature and hit hard at home with women, escpeciallu mothers. It's not a Agatha Cristi game, it's a really intense story.

BillOreilly2785d ago

I agree my cousin loves crime shows and true life csi type shows like criminal minds exc. She'd love this. A little too monotinous to me.

visualb2785d ago

yet Jack007 gets away with making a misleading erroneous title?


RedDead2785d ago

Hahaha, this site is like a giant tabloid.
Read the article first please...

inveni02785d ago

Cliffy, make us a game that doesn't involve your idea of a "boneable" man, and maybe I'll start listening to your opinions.

RazRei2785d ago

Read what the short article. "Dude Huge" is just speaking that they should have marketed this game better. Also from the way he's talking out it he enjoyed the game.

Please people read more then just the headline.

Spydiggity2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

not a clue...

@Red Orange Juice: learn to read

ExplosionSauce2785d ago

I call shenanigans!

When I met my girlfriend(now wife), she was in to playing Drakengard, Devil May Cry, Metal Gears Solid, Half-Life 2, Ratchet & Clank, etc.

But I guess people can generalize...

Ilikegames762785d ago

HR is targeted at women who don't normally play video games. The title is misleading and flame bait.

lastdual2785d ago

Especially the braindead fanboys hating on Cliff over this misleading title.

His point was simply that Heavy Rain missed a marketing opportunity by not targeting women more with its advertising. It's a perfectly valid argument, and says nothing bad about the game.

But as usual, we get a bunch of foaming-at-the-mouth, didn't-read-the-article fanboys jumping on the hate bandwagon immediately. Pathetic.

SephireX2784d ago

How dare you speak sense on N4G! Either speak nonsense or go elsewhere!

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zootang2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Sexist! CliffyB?

TheLastGuardian2785d ago

I think girls find the story interesting but they don't know the Dualshock well enough to play it right. I let my sister play the scene where Nawmen Jayden got in a fight with Mad Jack and she got him killed. "Ooop...sorry" she said.

Axecution2785d ago

Him and every single comment here is singling out women as people that like crime dramas. Like wtf?

lelo2play2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Heavy Rain is a interesting experience... but it's no game. It's a interactive movie.

It's good, but way over hyped by magazines and reviewers.

zeddy2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

its a game for girls and boys, no other game can say that.

cmrbe2785d ago

Should have been "Also for adult women"

Lets face it. Not only HR is for mature people content wise but i doubt young girls would like it let alone young boys.

HDgamer2785d ago

Cliffy B loves strong muscular steroid abusing men in his gears of war games. There's nothing wrong with that Cliffy B.

orange-skittle2785d ago

Screw you too because he is absolutely correct. My brothers wife never plays games and she watched my brother(38) play through it. She was so intrigued that she picked it up and played through it too. She stayed on the game the entire day until the ending because she was so determined to see what happens next. She wanted to see a happier ending and she said the controls were easy. She cant play COD, but wiggling a controller and having QTE's was perfect for her. That's why Cliffy B does what he does and you do what you do. Next time think before you speak.

BkaY2785d ago

look at the ppl who are calling cliffy names and shit...

read the article first ppl...

here is what he meant..

"its like girls wants to sit with you when you play it...or actually want to play it.." coz of the story and drama....

and what said Alpha-Male22 ...


pain777pas2785d ago

In other words if you create a game like heavy rain with a likeable protagonist. Market the game to the female 18+ demographic and see what happens. They could expand the market by making games differently not really changing the way you play though I have yet to try the HR move demo due to laziness.

madpuppy2785d ago

Cliffy must love the game, then.

frostypants2785d ago

He said nothing offensive. Quit being so insecure, kids.

madpuppy2784d ago

Be careful, it might just buck and knock you to the ground, "kid" blah...

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Call_me_Ishmael2785d ago

yeah,so what if its girly,even girls play gears of war,
even i play barbie island princess,sometimes

LordMarius2785d ago

Why is he always talking about Heavy Rain?

Cliffy B loves Heavy Rain.
Cliffy B says women would love it.
Cliffy B designs games with lots of muscular men.

There is a pattern unraveling

gamerdude1322785d ago

Nice one man.

It's funny cause he's adopted and touches himself at night.

Nah, it's funny because he needs a big, strong man to hold him tight at night.

HDgamer2785d ago

To keep him safe from criticism.

madpuppy2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

stop bleaching his teeth, obsessing over his hair and release a game that isn't riddled with bugs.

HumanStark2785d ago

The joke is that Cliffy B is gay (which is clearly bad) and this unsettles you. Good joke, HAHAHAHHA 10% of america is your internet punchline.

Hudahudahuda2785d ago

The asspain is strong with this one.

LordMarius2785d ago

I have no problem with gay people and dont see it as a bad thing, Im just pointing out signs that someone needs to come out of the closet

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gamerdude1322785d ago

Ah, so Cliffy B must really love Heavy Rain.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Oh noooees!!!!

''"Because women love true crime! I don't know what it is. I've said it before – they love two things in life: queso dip and true crime. ''