Kirby's Epic Yarn - HG review

HookedGamers writes: "It has been a while since Nintendo's pink ball had a moment on a home console. The last outing Kirby had on our screens was Kirby Air Ride and let's just say that it left much to be desired. Being a fan of Kirby since I had a Game Boy, I leapt with joy when I found out that Nintendo had plans for a new Kirby platformer for the Wii and not the DS. The last Kirby platformer Nintendo released on a home console was 10 years ago, which has been way too long for our pink friend to wait while Mario and Link were getting their yearly reboots. I imagine Kirby was brimming with rage. But with Kirby's Epic Yarn, he finally got his chance to shine and in a cute simple way, he does."

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