5 Cool Things You Might Not Know About Kinect

Kinect launches today in the US and next week over here. I've had the sensor for just over a day now, here are 5 cool things you might not know about the sensor and its software

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maniacmayhem2479d ago

5 things i'll probably never know.

dragunrising2479d ago

Can you use Kinect for voice chat in multiplayer? That would be cool.

FragMnTagM2479d ago

I have used it and it works well. Although, if your house echoes a little bit, you sound kind of like you are in a warehouse. After listening to a voice message before I sent it, it sounded as if I was in a large warehouse. It picked up my voice great, but it just sounded like I was in a larger room than I actually was.

But yes, you have to option to use either the Kinect's microphones, or use your headset.

Ruggadagod2479d ago

ok I'll just say that kinect isn't for me.

DemiT2479d ago

So wait.

If Kinect isn't for you, then why bother telling people?
Do you think people give a rat's what is for you and what isn't?

sheesh. fanboy.

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GoldPS32479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

The Kinect mount doesn't work either and it's $40

Boody-Bandit2479d ago

The guy in that video is a riot. I mean it's not funny that he is so mad but a plastic mount for heavy camera? I wouldn't have even wasted my time once I discovered it was made out of plastic.

---stone---2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

lmao @ the vid. He spent 40 bucks on that shit only to end up white trash/ghetto rigging it up.

Honest and blunt accessory mount review. 10/10.

take it back, get a refund, find a cheaper, or whatever you have handy to make a makeshift (and probably better mount) solution.

would have been great if it was wedged with porn dvd cases.

Otheros002479d ago

$40 for crappy plastic mounts. M$ pricing.

Moonboots2479d ago

what a freakin cry baby.. god I wish I could unwatch that.. His ghetto ass LG TV.. hah

Boody-Bandit2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Ghetto ass LG tv?
I personally don't own an LG. I am a Pioneer, Sony, Samsung guy myself but LG has one of the best rated gaming displays on the market for latency, ms response and input lag. Input lag being the most important.

LG doesn't have the best color reproduction but if you are looking for a good performing gaming TV you honestly can't do much better for the money.

Now his sound system is definitely GA.

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