Fallout: New Vegas - Classic Pack Giveaway

What’s up guys? I’m Josh, a new addition to the GoS team and I’ve got some sweet news for you today. Details after the jump.

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Mucudadada2788d ago

Pretty cool. If I had New Vegas, I'd go for it. I'm still on Fall Out 3, though >.>

aaronisbla2788d ago

if you drop fallout 3 and go to new vegas, you won't miss much, they have different stories and are not reliant on each other. but i don know how you feel

Kran2788d ago

Im currently doing Fallout 3 too. I want to complete as much of it as possible before black ops :P I have 4/5 of the DLC's (thanks to my friends expansions) so im trying to complete them :)

Kran2788d ago

coulda sworn the rules said no competitions/giveaways allowed.

Hazmat132788d ago

i could use the Vault13 armored suit i have 15,000 caps 150 stimpacks 0ver 6 guns NCR armor vet and more on the PS3. will they fix the freezing problem????

TABSF2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )


PC users can download these pre-order packs without having to pay anything or enter any competitions

I got all packs

Caravan Pack
Classic Pack
Mercenary Pack
Tribal Pack

for free all in one download plus I have access to over 1300 Mods :)

PC it only does everything

TANUKI2788d ago

Agreed, that's why most of the open-world type games I have, are on PC.