Batman's Utility Belt in Batman: Arkham City's Collector's Edition? Rocksteady wants your input

Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition? It's coming and Rocksteady want your input. Beautify you desk with a Catwoman Statue or kick some ass with Batman's utility belt, these are just some of the options Rocksteady are suggesting. It's now down to you to pick your favourite, head over to the official Arkham City Facebook page ( link below ) and cast your vote!

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topgun332759d ago

I would vote for the catwoman statue. All the way

Quagmire2757d ago

The corpse of Ledger/Joker in a body bag...

too soon?

LtSkittles2758d ago

Batman's utility belt o.o

ScubaSteve12758d ago

so it the batman utility belt going to be plastic garbage just like the batarang was with that collectors edition

UltimateIdiot9112758d ago

Hard to pick without more information and pictures.

256bit2758d ago

a life size belt would be sweet, but ill go for a 1:4 joker statue and it better be around $100

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The story is too old to be commented.