ABC News - Kinect Motion Sensing System Impresses

There are a lot of futuristic things we're still waiting on: jet packs for the entire family, self-driving cars and time-travel, to name a few. But one new, pretty darn amazing bit of technology has finally come to fruition, thanks to the folks at Microsoft.

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niceguyWii32694d ago

SOmeone should tell them a very similiar tech was around on the ps2...

InfectedDK2694d ago Show
Killed4Less2694d ago

Sega DreamEYE?

Oh wait, you are still thinking Sony invented motion cameras on consoles.. haha they couldn't even change the name.

Please.. Move along..

gigaware2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Also Microsoft was behind the Dreamcast's software.

REDMOND, Wash., May 21, 1998

" REDMOND, Wash., May 21, 1998 — Microsoft Corp. today announced it will collaborate with Sega Enterprises Ltd. on Sega's new Dreamcast home video game system, slated for release in Japan on Nov. 20, 1998, and in the rest of the world in 1999. As a result of the collaboration, Microsoft will provide an optimized version of the Microsoft® Windows® CE operating system with integrated DirectX® services as the operating system for use with Dreamcast."

All that Dreamcast video camera software stuff was of Microsoft design.

jack who2694d ago

really? hmm pretty sure my ps2 eye toy didnt track in 3d didnt have three cameras and a infrared emitter four microphonesvoice recognition capabilities.

nuff said

KratosGirI2694d ago

Disagreeing with you because you said something negative about Playstation.

Sorry, Jack.

thebudgetgamer2694d ago

i bet you still call move a wii copy dont ya?

darthv722694d ago

Dont you know how it works. It isnt about who does it first. It's who can sell it better.

There are lots of "rerun" products being marketed today that tried their hand years prior to no avail. Shamwow and snuggie are two that come to mind.

Saying eyetoy did it first is pointless.

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Lekumkee2694d ago

LMAO!!! Abcnews doing videogame reviews now? What's next Walmart's review of Kinect?!? Why isn't Oprah's review up yet? And where is Reggis & Kelly's Kinect impressions? lol what a joke...

come_at_me_bro2694d ago

News outlets always rate "hot new tech". This sort of proves Kinect is in the same demographic as the iPad and such.

radphil2694d ago

I wouldn't call it the same demographic. You guys keep forgetting that 500 million for's not the same form of "demographic" as what a product targets towards. Kinect does not have the same form as iPad.

You are conflicting "demographic" with the term "fad".

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BornToKill2694d ago

the people at Abcnews probably never played a good game in their lives.

Imperator2694d ago

They've probably never played any video games PERIOD. These guys should not be reviewing games and, honestly, their opinion is that last thing I would listen to.

frankymv2694d ago

My question is: Where does MS go from here. Will MS switch to a 2 console strategy? The 360 for the casual and a new box for the core?

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