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Submitted by Sweeper_ 1851d ago | review

ABC News - Kinect Motion Sensing System Impresses

There are a lot of futuristic things we're still waiting on: jet packs for the entire family, self-driving cars and time-travel, to name a few. But one new, pretty darn amazing bit of technology has finally come to fruition, thanks to the folks at Microsoft. (Kinect, Microsoft, Xbox 360) 4/4

btk   1851d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
niceguyWii3  +   1851d ago
SOmeone should tell them a very similiar tech was around on the ps2...
InfectedDK   1851d ago | Trolling | show
Killed4Less  +   1851d ago
Sega DreamEYE?

Oh wait, you are still thinking Sony invented motion cameras on consoles.. haha they couldn't even change the name.

Please.. Move along..
gigaware  +   1851d ago
Also Microsoft was behind the Dreamcast's software.

REDMOND, Wash., May 21, 1998

" REDMOND, Wash., May 21, 1998 — Microsoft Corp. today announced it will collaborate with Sega Enterprises Ltd. on Sega's new Dreamcast home video game system, slated for release in Japan on Nov. 20, 1998, and in the rest of the world in 1999. As a result of the collaboration, Microsoft will provide an optimized version of the Microsoft® Windows® CE operating system with integrated DirectX® services as the operating system for use with Dreamcast."

All that Dreamcast video camera software stuff was of Microsoft design.
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jack who  +   1851d ago
really? hmm pretty sure my ps2 eye toy didnt track in 3d didnt have three cameras and a infrared emitter four microphonesvoice recognition capabilities.

nuff said
KratosGirI  +   1851d ago
Disagreeing with you because you said something negative about Playstation.

Sorry, Jack.
thebudgetgamer  +   1851d ago
yea, and the wii does not have a camera that tracks in 3d
i bet you still call move a wii copy dont ya?
darthv72  +   1851d ago
Dont you know how it works. It isnt about who does it first. It's who can sell it better.

There are lots of "rerun" products being marketed today that tried their hand years prior to no avail. Shamwow and snuggie are two that come to mind.

Saying eyetoy did it first is pointless.
8thnightvolley   1851d ago | Trolling | show
Lekumkee  +   1851d ago
LMAO!!! Abcnews doing videogame reviews now? What's next Walmart's review of Kinect?!? Why isn't Oprah's review up yet? And where is Reggis & Kelly's Kinect impressions? lol what a joke...
come_at_me_bro  +   1851d ago
News outlets always rate "hot new tech". This sort of proves Kinect is in the same demographic as the iPad and such.
radphil  +   1851d ago
I wouldn't call it the same demographic. You guys keep forgetting that 500 million for's not the same form of "demographic" as what a product targets towards. Kinect does not have the same form as iPad.

You are conflicting "demographic" with the term "fad".
CathyLorrain   1851d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
BornToKill  +   1851d ago
the people at Abcnews probably never played a good game in their lives.
Imperator  +   1851d ago
They've probably never played any video games PERIOD. These guys should not be reviewing games and, honestly, their opinion is that last thing I would listen to.
frankymv  +   1851d ago
My question is: Where does MS go from here. Will MS switch to a 2 console strategy? The 360 for the casual and a new box for the core?
divideby0  +   1851d ago
Sceptre TV... thats as far as I need to read... if that is your TV, I just dont believe you know jack about electronics
Shazz  +   1851d ago
all the sites that are impressed by kinect and giving it highest scores are basically all non gaming sites , ive also never seen abc reviews on n4g before if im correct so wtf is going on here with all these non gaming reviews appearing all of a sudden
Nitrowolf2  +   1851d ago
Na they do reviews, they had some for Forza 3, Ratchet and clank and others, i just don't remember seeing them posted here.
bviperz  +   1851d ago
I don't think the article actually gave a score....
Nitrowolf2  +   1851d ago
yes they did it's on the last page
bviperz  +   1851d ago
Ah, good looking out!
Anti-Fanboyer  +   1851d ago
notice the trend here
non-game sites with major positive reviews.
core-game sites ....
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big_silky  +   1851d ago
it means real people are enjoying it, not the 20 year old,fps obsessed interns they have working at game sites.
jwk94  +   1851d ago
ign gave it a good review
thebudgetgamer  +   1851d ago
game informer gave it a positive review.
redbadger   1851d ago | Spam
gigaware  +   1851d ago
I must admit PS3 fanboys and traditionalist media even had me trying to find fault with Kinect. I picked mine up this morning and I was so impressed I just went to gamestop and picked up Dance central and your fitness just now, just walked in the door with the two new games.
Iramo  +   1851d ago
you got disagrees for enjoying kinect i also have mine and I love it the lag isn't as bad as the videos showed and I'll be playing kinect games for a while now I think Microsoft did well with kinect.
Iramo  +   1851d ago
so according to ps3 fanboys Logic
If its on xbox 360 and got good reviews Microsoft gave the reviewers that gave it good scores money and goodybags so by that logic Sony gave almost all Uncharted 2 reviewers a car or a huge goodybag. Yeah ps3 fanboys,that just how retarted your all sounding right now
commander  +   1851d ago
STFU you dont know what your talking about
Ron_Danger  +   1851d ago
I totally agree with you bud... I'm a huge Sony fanboy and I hate when others say that MS paid for their good reviews... MS just had a great marketing strategy and had the money to pay for it... Getting a product plugged on Oprah is harder then getting a commercial aired durring the Super Bowl... MS knew their target audience and (as much as it pains me to say) they nailed it...

I hope Kinnect doesn't just become a paper weight next to gamers HD-DVD drives because if more game variety/ new game types come from it, then Sony devs are gonna have to step up their game and that's when the real leap in motion gaming will take place
Ron_Danger  +   1851d ago
I'm starting to notice a really annoying trend with approved articles lately... The same thing happened when Move came out, the same thing happens when one of the big 3 have an exclusive that comes out... The thing I'm talking about is perfect or almost perfect reviews coming from either: 1. Web sites/ blog sites that no one has ever heard of, or 2. News outlets (ex. ABC news or New York Times) reviewing games or video game products. I don't go on IGN for updates on politics or the war in Iraq so why are fanboys approving these articles...

I bet when the 3DS or PSP2 comes out there's gonna be a review posted here from the TV Guide channel or

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