Mommy's Best Games Dev: Indie Games in Speciality Store "Counter-Intuitive"

Nukezilla: Mommy's Best Games, Faux Fobo and Chris Unarmed Devs talk to Nukezilla and give their opinions Microsoft's Indie Games snub and look at the implications it might have for the platform.

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wardrox2691d ago

Every update MS roll out makes me think they hate games more and more.

wuerflein2691d ago

Why would they go out of their way to do this?

Cajun Chicken2690d ago

Just when XBLIG starts pouring in the awesome like Nuclear Wasteland, MS instantly bugger it up. Seriously? Why would you want to limit XBLIG when the quality of submissions has rocketed up?

Also the new dashboard SUCKS. Totally SUCKS. Give me back the NXE.