GameInformer: Fighters Uncaged Review

If you’re looking for a true fighting experience with Kinect, you’re better off just getting into a real-life boxing match with a friend in front of your TV. With spotty controls, boring gameplay, and surprising lack of local multiplayer, Fighters Uncaged is one fight you’re better off walking away from.

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jc485732515d ago

kinda obvious from the very beginning

darthv722515d ago

that is what i would like to see. less scripted animations and more freestyle reactions. you and your friend pretend fighting with swings and ducks and the characters mimic the same.

This is a button fighter without the buttons.

DelbertGrady2515d ago ShowReplies(1)
All_4_One2515d ago

Fighting games are simply a bad idea for motion controls. Fighters require fast reflexes, anticipation, strategy, combos, and lots of raw SKILL.

Fighters uncaged looks terrible, they should just leave fighers alone for motion controls.

Hades13372515d ago

Or maybe they should just make better ones.

Mystogan2515d ago

I think kinect has great potential for the fighter genre,,they just need more time,,and a lot more animations

Shazz2515d ago

i actually thought fighting games would work best with kinect being it tracks whole body but this has been lowest scoring out all the kinect games so far .

Mystogan2515d ago

it seems Core-fighting games don't work at all for motion control...maybe give the devs some time?

Neko_Mega2515d ago

Didn't a UFC fighter say Kinect didn't work for him? Don't know, wondering how bad the one for Move will be.

So far by what I heard for music....Its pretty bad.

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