Games on Net: GoldenEye 007 Review

This new GoldenEye has taught us three things: a legend only lives once, jaggy polygons are forever, and if you accuse a camper in 8-person multiplay of being the ‘octo-pussy’ of the group, there's no comeback. Perhaps it’s 14 years worth of nostalgia talking, but GoldenEye deathmatches seemed much more entertaining when you knew everybody in the room and nobody could rage-quit over some friendly punishment. Truly, the golden age of griefing is dead and buried, possibly under a fine layer of N64 analogue-stick dust.

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Rrobba2813d ago

This game looks great IMO.

stragomccloud2813d ago

The reviewer saw that the dual analog sticks are better???
Then I wonder why I get Call of Duty games for my Wii, and not my PS3 or 360?