Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit to Sell 4.2 Million, Generate $185 Million, says Analyst

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit ships in about two weeks, and it could be a huge title this holiday season for Electronic Arts. The folks at Criterion (Burnout) will be bringing the series back to its roots with cops and car chases. That's expected to resonate with fans, as Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey believes EA will sell around 4.2 million units, generating sales of $185 million this holiday.

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thong_pounder2785d ago

Yep this game will sell very well. I hope they bring back underground series back

Crazyglues2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

This game is seriously addictive, and a blast to play...

At first I didn't really like it, but the more I played and started to get the feel of how it works, like tapping x to take the corners right.. the more amazing it became...

Now I'm just hooked can wait for the game to arrive... having it show you your friends time is priceless... makes you want to take down their time.. nice touch..

being the cops is just too much fun... I'm actually loving the game now, and I'm sure word of mouth will put this one over the top...

I would not be surprised if it does something like 8 million in total from all systems when the dust settles...


donniebaseball2785d ago

Well Criterion sure knows how to make awesome racing games, so this should be pretty cool.

rob60212785d ago

Yea but someone like me whose not too into racing games, I have this and GT5 to choose from this holiday - which one do i pick.. I think it will sell half that.

Pandemic2785d ago

I think it's possible, and hopefully it will happen, the more players online the better.