MAG 'Escalation' DLC Deploys to PSN Today with XP Bonuses and Discounts

The PS3‘s Massive Action Game has just gotten a bit bigger. Today the Escalation Add-on Pack is now available spilling the ever increasing three faction battle into three new maps with nine new weapons.

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CrzyFooL2786d ago

Hell yeah, this game was the reason I finally got a PS3. Also, Demons Souls. :-p

T9X692786d ago

This was one of them for me, I just love the games Zipper make. On the other hand though, I'm going to have to pass on this for now, the last DLC that came out hardly anyone bought it making it almost impossible to play, so I don't want to drop $10 to only be able to play this some of the time. MAG is still great the way it is, and the 256 player battles never get old.

Sinsarmor2786d ago

its only 7.99$ for people who have the first payed DLC since before the 28th of oct i believe its going to stay that way until the 9th

DirtyLary2786d ago

Yup, got my PS3 for MAG, SOCOM , and the KZ series. PS3 exclusives are worth the buy alone. No reason to be a fanboi, get both systems, it's win win

raztad2786d ago

I agree. Some games are worthy a console purchase, or a graphic card upgrade.

Interdiction is my fav MAG mode, too bad not many people bought it. I think I'm gonna get Escalation just to support Zipper.

Tapewurm2786d ago

I'll be grabbing this.... Gonna have to have something to hold me over til Socom 4 drops :) Zipper ftw!

rezzah2786d ago

Dont stop there! There are plenty more games that the PS3 has to offer where you can play no where else!

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aselah2786d ago

Wow! That's a lot of amazing goodies for the new pacs!

jaredhart2786d ago

Fun game. Used to play it a lot. this is a great excuse for me to get back on!

Valay2786d ago

Interesting, I suppose!

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The story is too old to be commented.