5 Sports Heroes Who Need Their Own Video Games writes: "Creating a 7-foot-tall, muscular man-monster with a perfect in-game rating to compensate for our own athletic shortcomings is fun, but it's no replacement for living the life of a sports legend. Which is why we're so psyched that "NBA 2K11" finally lets players lace up the Nikes of basketball phenom Michael Jordan in its "MJ: Creating a Legend" mode.

Here are a few other sports stars we want to see entire game modes based on."

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bckids12082759d ago

Hell yeah? An MJ game would rock.

ThePimpOfSound2759d ago

+1 Babe Ruth (a classic baseball game would rule)
+1 Pete Rose (with gambling side-quest!)
-1 Favre (no more Favre, please)
-1 Rodman (NBA Jam was enough)
indifferent about Beckham (because who gives a funk about soccer)

You broke even.