Gadgets are Evil: Barnes & Noble Nook

Keri Honea - I may be the gadget whore of Games are Evil, but you may be shocked to hear how long it was before I bought an eReader of any kind.

I’m a voracious reader, and I scoffed at the idea of Amazon’s Kindle when it came out due to my love of physically holding a book and flipping through the pages. Even when Barnes & Noble released their Nook, I still wasn’t interested. I love my ginormous library and how all the books look on shelves. I’m also somewhat of a collector in various aspects, so of course I’m going to want the physical properties of books. Electronic books can’t fill that collector addiction.

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bgrundman2723d ago

I still like to have my printed books. I don't think I will ever go digital.

crunchychocobo2723d ago

Never say never. I used to say I would never get an Xbox. Or an iPad.

roblef2723d ago

eReaders are amazingly cool! I have a ton of book on them, can check out books from my local library on it, and so forth. Best Travel device EVAR, except for the "can't have electronic devices on during take off or landing" issue!

crunchychocobo2723d ago

There is actually a way around that, as I discovered on my last flight. Buy a Nook cover that looks like a book cover and then hold it like a book and read. Flight attendants never batted an eye.

Davedough2723d ago

I want to get an e-reader this year. Much like the author, I've always bocked at the idea of them because I want to actually hold the book in my hands.