9.5 Review: Pinball FX 2 (XBLA)

Pinball is one of those age-old varieties of gaming that unlike the arcade culture that birthed it, refuses to die. Though no longer being dominated by the traditional heavy hitters like Williams and Gottlieb, the genre has recently seen a rebirth in a digital form, proving that the fan base is still there. In response to this dedicated population, Zen Studios released Pinball FX for Xbox LIVE Arcade in 2007. Initially, the title was heralded for its solid simulation, but unfortunately this was only a result of reviewers comparing it to the products of previous console generations.

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bgrundman2478d ago

this game is so good! makes me wish the original was this good.

MorganX2478d ago

Import your tables from the old one.

Davedough2478d ago

I played the original and really liked it. I'm gonna have to pick this one up.

roblef2478d ago

I can't get behind pinball on consoles. What's the point?

Davedough2478d ago

To hit a ball with paddles and watch the pretty lights?

MorganX2478d ago

That sums it up LOL. 10/10.

crunchychocobo2478d ago

It's like a mini-casino in your living room.