New Splatterhouse Images Bring the Blood

Developed by Namco Bandai, Splatterhouse is certainly gaining notoriety due to its Borderlands-style look and gory images. This most recent batch adds to the mystery. Here are some more details about the story and what to expect when the game releases November 23rd on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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yarbie10002812d ago

Would have been a good game for Halloween

JLesinski2812d ago

Actually a good point. I wonder if they were pushing for a Halloween release? Weird...

DTMBSquid2812d ago

Who cares if it came out for halloween... those screens look SICK

A Cupcake for Gabe2812d ago

I heard they turned down violence a bit. I really hope they let loose and push it to point of Supreme Court controversy.

DTMBSquid2812d ago

Surprisingly, this game looks pretty cool. The story sounds a bit cheesy, but those screens look like Borderlands... may have to give it a shot

xxxAnubisxxx2812d ago

I wasn't planning on getting it due to AC Brotherhood and Black Ops. But it looks decent.

DTMBSquid2812d ago

True... some tough competition out there this month.

big_silky2812d ago

2 games that come out every year vs a classic series that hasn't had an installment in 15 choice isn't too difficult.

yarbie10002812d ago

What else have they made? Their name sounds familiar

xxxAnubisxxx2812d ago

They made that Gears of War ripoff, Quantum Theory.... lol

Highatus2812d ago


No that is false, quantum theory was made by team tachyon and published through tecmo.

Splatterhouse remake was being developed by bottlerocket which presented it to namco, namco didn't like what was presented to them, however did not stop development on it, bottlerocket was dispersed after their failed presentation so further development went to namco's
in house studio with a few members from bottlerocket.

xxxAnubisxxx2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

True, Highatus, good call. Confused Tecmo with Namco

JLesinski2812d ago

An honest mistake... so similar.... hahaha