5 Ways to Shoot Better Online

Beer + Videogames: With the advent of Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops, to say nothing of Killzone 3 or Homefront, the online arena was been geared significantly towards the gunman as of late. And like many, you might be wondering how you can possibly compete against a league of headshotting machine people when you load up Live or PSN. The good news is Beer + Videogames want to help you be a more efficient multiplayer soldier, and have a handy guide ready to assist in the task.

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Dramscus2789d ago

Here's another one.
Use your melee weapons when people jump out at you.
A knife, rifle butt, or boot nets many surprise kills, and also cause humourous victim rage.
Also using it on the dash is good too.

im-12-years-old2789d ago

i love my ps3 but simco876 is right...

Spydiggity2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

lol @ your disagree. it takes a special type of fanboy to trick themselves into thinking a controller is better than a mouse n keyboard.

...for FPS, that is

GoldPS32789d ago

I been playing the PS controller since PS1 so yeah I prefer it over mouse and keyboard. I didn't know you can be a fanboy for liking controller over mouse and keyboard.

Spydiggity2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

that's like making the argument that a cavalier is better than a porche because you've been driving a cavalier your whole life.

just because YOU have little or no experience with the superior layout of a mouse and keyboard for shooters, doesn't make them any less relevant, just makes you inexperienced. and probably means you shouldn't be chiming in on the debate.

fear882789d ago

Steriods + Keg of Redbull = Invincible in life

Jamaicangmr2789d ago

While mouse and Keyboard is a good precise combo. It's way too easy way too often people delude themeselves into thinking that they are actually good when they use a mo-key combo. I got friends who average 60kills in MW2 on PC talk trash until they try to use the controller. Then they see that it's more challenging and intern fun to us a controller.

A controller isn't as precise but getting a head shot with a control is way more rewarding than with mo-key. Thus making it more fun and not to mention comfortable.

Thats just my opinion anyway.

Spydiggity2789d ago

the playing field is even cuz everyone is playing on the same medium. however, most games have to scale back the intensity and speed for console to counter exactly what you're talking about.

as for rewarding...i think headshots are rewarding anywhere. the difference being that on PC, you don't any auto-aim assistance.

Crowd2789d ago

Funny stuff right there.

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soundslike2789d ago

mouse is best for aiming hands down

keyboard for functions/actions...debatable. in shooters, definitely not, unless you have a custom keyboard
in rpgs, yea its pretty ideal to have 1-0 f1-f10 etc

Fishy Fingers2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I alwasy found the biggest flaw of many gamers, is not switching to your pistol/secondary weapon.

So often will people have a spam close fire fight, both empty their clips and do some random "dance" while hoping to be the first to complete the reload. Switch and win.

Oh and play CS:Source/1.6, perfect training.

Cenobia2789d ago

Unfortunately I usually unload my secondary into air in a frantic attempt to kill my reloading enemy, afraid of his vastly superior weapon after it is once again filled with bullets....


I was only ever good at CS when I stopped caring. You need to be calm when playing and can't get frantic when you are about to get a kill or about to die.

Bounkass2789d ago

Mouse and keyboard all the way whn it comes to (especially first person-) shooting...

SKUD2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

n50 4 life. They dont even make that hoe no moar.

SKUD2789d ago

My apologies. I meant the speed pad n50 by belkin. Once I broke free of WASD and my hand / button programing was set. Opened up a whole new world to me for my PC MP FPS skillz.